How To Stay Cool At Night: Don’t Overlook The Obvious!

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We often experience sleeplessness because of the uncomfortable feeling or because we feel too hot.

Being sleepless isn't good for your health.

It’s important for you to get enough sleep so that you can stay healthy as well as continue with your daily activities. And this can be done only when you're feeling cool and relaxed.

But how do you keep yourself cool at night? It involves taking action at both physical and mental levels.

Read on to learn about the different ways this can be achieved:

Have Cooling Options at Home

Technology advancements have produced various ways for us to keep our homes cooler than ever before. You can use a portable air condition­er, a bed cooling system like a BedJet, or a cooling mattress topper.

Wear Light Clothes

how to stay cool at night

Always wear light clothing that helps keep you cool. Wearing these types of clothing helps in better circulation of the fresh air and gives you a cool sensation. Your nightwear should not only be made from a thinner material but should fit loosely too.

Tie Your Hair

Regardless of whether you're male or female, if you've got long hair, then tie them up.

Unruly hair will make you feel uncomfortable, and it won't allow you to remain cool. It would be best if you tied it up neatly.

However, don't tie it too tightly. It won't help at all and will actually hinder your sleep.

Additionally, avoid trying out any trendy hairstyle and using too many clips and bands. 

Keep the Windows Open

Make sure there is proper ventilation in your room. It’s best to let the air circulate. If the external noises become too loud for you, put on some earplugs to prevent them from bothering you.

Take a Shower before Going to Bed

how to stay cool at night

It's vital to always get into bed refreshed. Use lukewarm water for your shower before you go to bed. You can even add some drops of essential oils to refresh yourself. Try avoiding it only if it’s extremely cold or because you're sick.

Have a Lighter Dinner

Eating a heavy meal before bedtime can cause digestive issues and may prevent you from staying cool at night. Instead, sweating and related problems may arise. It is therefore recommended that you eat a light meal and drink plenty of water afterward to ensure proper digestion.

Get Rid of Thick Covers and Blankets

Don't use extra blankets or covers if they're going to make you too warm. You should choose the thinner duvet covers that are readily available. They will keep your body from heating up and help you to remain cool.

Listen to Light Music

how to stay cool at night

Being comfortable a night isn't just about the temperature; staying cool is also about your mental state too.

You should relax before trying to fall asleep.

Listening to soothing music will help your nerves to calm down and give you a chance to rest.

Read a Book

how to stay cool at night

Today's digital world doesn't allow us enough time to read. We often lack patience.

However, sleeping with a book remains a proven way to sleep faster.

But you shouldn't be reading thrillers or detective novels either. Read something light, easy, and fun.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the activities of the day and/or anxious about tomorrow, then reading books will definitely help.

A Less-Noisy Environment

Noise is not favorable for sleep.

Ensure that people around you don't disturb your rest by making too much noise.

If you're sleeping in an environment where you hear lots of noises, you might use white sound to block out some of them and keep yourself cooler at night.

Pacify Your Brain

Don't let your mind be distracted by anything else. Do not think about your worries, and your pain, and do not feel tensed about something.

Don't let yourself be distracted by random ideas that come into your mind.

You can count from one to 100 and then back again from 100 to one.

These are the ways by which you can keep yourself cool during sleeping.

Try to keep up with each of these tips and have a good night’s sleep.

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