BedJet V3 Review: The Best Bed Heating & Cooling System Yet

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Looking for the most effective to heat and cool your bed at night?  

Need a solution that meets you and your partner's different needs?

Then the BedJet V3 wireless climate control system should definitely be on your short list. 

The BedJet pushes air under your sheets to provide instant heating and cooling relief over the top of your body.  

On cold nights, it warms your feet instantly and helps you fall asleep faster.

When it’s warm in the room, it keeps you cool and dry.

We tested the BedJet extensively in our home and can attest that it really works as promised. 

In fact, the BedJet V3 is our top pick for anyone suffering from hot flashes, menopause, or night sweats.

No need to get out of bed to adjust the temperature using buttons or dials, either.  The BedJet can be controlled using the well-designed dedicated wireless remote or via your bedside smartphone or tablet.

The only major downside to the BedJet is the price, which runs about $400 per side of bed.

For more affordable solutions, check out our roundup of the best bed cooling & heating systems and the best cooling mattress pads and toppers. These roundups cover the best water-cooled systems, air-cooled systems, and cooling toppers & pads sold today.

Note: This review is for the BedJet V3.  BedJet still sells an older V2 model on its website.  We cover the differences between these, below.

Pros and Cons



How the BedJet Heats & Cools

bedjet V3 review

The BedJet V3 functions much in the same way as an air conditioning system, absent a compressor. 

Cooled (or warmed) air is forced underneath your sheet and across the top of your body by a powerful air fan. The air escapes from the sides of your comforters and sheets, downward towards the floor.

An Integrated Climate Control System

The base unit is the brain and muscle for the BedJet system. 

This is where a powerful fan circulates fresh air through the heating/cooling element to push warm or cool air into a flexible air hose that is attached to an air nozzle placed under your sheet – or connected to BedJet’s Air Comforter sheet.

The base unit includes an air filter to make sure you don’t circulate allergens or dust under your sheets – which would be a disaster for allergic folks like me.

Dedicated Wireless Remote

bedjet V3 review

The BedJet V3 comes with a dedicated wireless remote control with a full-color screen for controlling the temperature, airflow, and start and stop times.  (The main difference between BedJet V2 and V3 is the remote.)

The wireless remote is extremely well designed, intuitive, and lights automatically when you touch a button.  When you’re finished making an adjustment, the backlit buttons automatically turn off after a second or two so you don’t need to worry about bothering your partner.

You can access all of the base unit’s functions on the remote control. 

While you can also use BedJet’s smartphone app to link to BedJet via Bluetooth, we don’t recommend it. The app can be a bit wonky and doesn’t always connect when you need it to.  We much prefer having the dedicated remote next to our bed, because it always works as promised.

Using the Remote with Dual Zones

If you choose the dual-zone option, you will receive two remote controls – one for each base unit and side of the bed. 

That said, either side’s remote can be used to adjust either side’s temperature and airflow. So you don’t need to search in the dark for the right remote. Just grab the closest one.

Smart Home Integration (on the way)

Soon, you will be able to integrate BedJet V3 into your smart home so you can utilize voice commands to control the temperature of your bed. 

I’m not sure how valuable this will be, although commanding Alexa to “warm my side of the bed” is admittedly cool. To get this to work, BedJet says you will need a firmware upgrade.

BedJet can also be integrated into smart home routines.For example, you can automatically warm your bed when you turn off the living room lights after a set time at night.

Our Experience

bedjet V3 review

BedJet is designed to be comfortable for all types of sleepers. 

In our case, that involves a 6’2” 200lb man who sleeps hot and on his back sleeping next to a 5’10” woman who sleeps on her side and gets cold easily. 

We tested the DualZone system attached to our King bed with two base units, and AirComforter sheet, and two remote controls. 

Each of us had control over the BedJet for our side of the bed.

The experience of sleeping with a BedJet is surprisingly enjoyable.  

When using the BedJet to warm my side of the bed, the first thing I noticed is how fast my feet warmed up. It was quite relaxing and made me fall asleep noticeably faster.

When using the unit to cool the bed (we tested in the summer), the BedJet does a fine job cooling your body down.  It's not a super-crisp cold, however, like you might feel from an HVAC vent.  

This is because the BedJet does not use a compressor to cool the air. Instead, it relies on an air fan and convection to remove heat & perspiration from your body. 

The cooling experience is more like having a soft ceiling fan blow over your body.  That said, it definitely did the trick – all the way up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Above that temperature, the unit didn't quite keep me cool enough.

For the best cooling experience, BedJet recommends that your room temperature not exceed 80 degrees. 

As far as the sound level, it never bothered my or my wife even when set to High.  We both like white noise machines, however, so we're both accustomed to the soft hum the fan emits.

Best Features

bedjet V3 review

Instant Thermal Relief

The biggest advantage of BedJet V3 over electric blankets, gel foam mattresses, and cooling mattress pads is its ability to heat and cool your body instantly.

There is no waiting period, so you don't need to heat your bed before going to sleep. 

Just get into bed, turn the BedJet on, and select the temperature you prefer.

In about 30 seconds, your body will be noticeably cooler or warmer.

In contrast, the best heating pads take about 10 minutes to heat, and water-cooled systems take about the same.

No Wires or Tubes In Your Back

Most electric heating pads and water-based climate control systems like ChiliSleep’s Ooler rely on under-back pads that some people can feel.

But because the BedJet pushes air through your sheets over the top of your body, there are no wires or tubes under your back to change how your bed feels. 

Dual-Zone Option

However, our favorite feature is the dual-zone temperature control.

This lets you set different temperatures for each side of your bed. 

This feature is a blessing for couples who constantly bicker over where the thermostat needs to be set at night (like my partner and I do ALL the time).  

With two BedJets attached to your sheets, everyone will get exactly what they need.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Another feature that I don’t happen to care that much about is the essential oil diffuser.  The base unit includes an oil reservoir and diffuser that will deliver a relaxing scent directly into the cool or warm air before it enters your sheets.

Programmable Features

The included Biorhythm feature is another way improve your sleep quality.

Using the BedJet’s wireless remote, you can program the base unit to automatically adjust your comfort level to suit your needs throughout the night to ensure you have a restful sleep.

You can also set the BedJet to activate a temperature wakeup alarm in the morning. This is an awesome, quiet way to start your day – certainly better than a noisy alarm clock.

Installing and Setting up The BedJet

bedjet V3 review

The BedJet is easy to set up and easy to use. 

But it’s an uncommon type of system with a few parts you probably haven’t seen before.

In this section, we walk you through the process we used to install and set up our dual-zone BedJet system.

Place the Base Unit

The base unit is the only powered and mechanical part of the system. It is designed to be placed under your bed. 

An air hose connects the base unit to the sheet nozzle, which blows air into your top sheet.  

The nozzle is held in place using a special side rail + mattress mount that fits between your mattress and foundation/box spring to hold it in place.

To use the mattress mount + side rail system properly with the base unit under your bed, BedJet recommends having 6 inches of vertical space under your bed. The side rail can be shorter than this, however. The hose will fit with just 3.5 inches of clearance.

If you sleep on a platform bed with no space underneath, no worries – just place the BedJet base unit next to your bed.  The long air hose gives you plenty of room to place it near the head, middle or foot of your bed.

You’ll also need to place the base unit near a power outlet. The power cord is not as long as we’d like, so we plugged it into an extension cord (15 amp min.) to bridge the gap.

NOTE: Don’t plug anything else into the extension cord. This thing pulls a lot of current when operating.

Install the Mattress Mount

This mattress mount keeps the hose/nozzle in place during the night so the air hose doesn’t get constricted.

The mount system is suitable to use with any type of mattress. You can adjust the height and depth of the mount using removable sections to match the thickness of your mattress.

If the mount is too low to support an extra-high mattress, don’t be discouraged. It is extremely flexible. It will cover the remaining height.

There are a few clamps at the end of your hose that are are used to secure the top sheet and prevent it from moving at night.

The mattress mount can be placed on either side of the mattress. The best place to place the mount is on a corner at the foot of your bed.

Connect the Nozzle and Air Hose

The rest of the process is simple once the base unit and mattress mount are in place.

Attach the air nozzle to the top of the hose. This is where the air will be released, so make sure it’s on top of your mattress.

Attach the hose to the mount’s ring grip and place the nozzle against the top of your mattress. To achieve the ideal position, you may have to stretch or contract the hose.

The other end of your hose should be inserted into the air output port of the base unit.

Turn The BedJet On

First, turn it on by plugging it into an outlet. When you use a dual-zone system, ensure that the low-power dual switch is turned on.

Adjust the Sound Level

The unit may seem a bit loud when you turn the unit on for the first time, because the fan speed is set to the highest level when the unit ships from the manufacturer.

Most nights, you won’t need it to run on high.

The normal cooling level produces around 38 dB of noise. This is just a whisper. To feel the air, you will need to place your hand close to the nozzle.

You can make it as quiet as possible by turning the heating up to 50%.

The loudest cool and heat settings can be heard a little more – but it is a white noise machine kind of a sound which is a positive feature for those who love white noise. 

Install the Smartphone App & Connect The Remote

BedJet offers an app for iOS and Android. However, for now you cannot control your cooling system via the app.

You’ll use the app to set up a WiFi connection between your remote control and your base unit. The app also delivers automatic firmware and software updates over the air.

Once you have everything connected, you can use the remote control with full functionality to adjust the temperature, alarm, and airflow.

After the promised firmware update, we expect BedJet users to be able to control the system using their smartphones and smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Fill the Aromatherapy Kit

It’s a little too broad to call it a “kit.” It’s just a few foam strips and a clamp.

Add a few drops (not included) of essential oil to a piece of paper and secure it with the clamp to the nozzle opening.

The essential oil scent will diffuse across the bed as air flows from the nozzle.

Dual Zone for Couples

bedjet V3 review

Most couples have different sleeping preferences. Usually, one partner will prefer sleeping warmer or cooler than the other.

You can both sleep comfortably with the BedJet DualZone option. Each side can be made as cool or warm as they wish.

To use the Dual zone feature, however, you will need BedJet’s special AirComforter Sheet. This is a two-sided sheet that is separated into two air delivery sections, one for each side of the bed. At the foot of the sheet is where each air nozzle is secured using a series of snaps.

This Dualzone kit includes two base units, two flexible hoses and nozzles, one AirComforter sheet, and two remote controls.

NOTE: The DualZone option is only available for King and Queen beds.

Optional AirComforter Sheet

The AirComforter is required to use the dual-zone cooling feature, because it’s the only way to create two climate control zones under one sheet.

But BedJet also recommends the AirComforter for anyone who requires extra cooling, because the two-layer design distributes cool air much more efficiently and evenly than simply pumping the air in, underneath a sheet.

If your partner doesn’t want heating and cooling, you can just leave their side as it is and hook up just your side of the bed.

BedJet also sells single-zone comforters for those who sleep on a full or twin-size bed.

BedJet V2 Vs. V3

The design and function of the BedJet 2/3 are very similar.

Although there are very few differences that make the BedJet 3 the better option, in our opinion.

These are the main differences between BedJet 3 and 2.

Customer Feedback

BedJet currently holds an average 4.5/5 rating in the 100s of reviews we read prior to reviewing the product.

BedJet gets a 5-star rating in most reviews (85%) due to its outstanding cooling and heating performance, easy-to-use remote control and app, flexible settings, and customer service.



Maintenance and Warranty

All BedJets come with a 2-year warranty. 

The company promises to replace or fix it for free if any part fails.

The BedJet system is really easy to maintain. You just need to remove the filter from the base unit and wash it every three months.

Our Bottom Line

BedJet is far more effective than mattress pads or electric blankets in keeping you warm or cool at night.  And compared with water-based active systems like ChiliSleep’s Ooler, we prefer the over-body gentle air flow and the lack of wires or tubes under our backs.

We also love the quick thermal response, the programmability, and the dual-zone option for couples. 

BedJet's remote control is also one of the best we've seen and makes the system far more enjoyable and flexible for couples who fight over the thermostat.

Although the price is not cheap, buying a BedJet is well worth it if your sleep quality matters.  

We've recommended the BedJet system to many of our friends, and we haven't heard a negative review from them.  

Everyone seems to love theirs, just like we do.

Where To Buy Your Bedjet

The best place to purchase a BedJet is on the manufacturer's website.  It’s also available on a few leading online retail sites including Amazon.  NOTE: be careful about warranty limitations when buying from a third party on Amazon.

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