eLuxury Mattress Topper & Pad Reviews: Updated Models Compared

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In this guide we review & compare eLuxury’s full line of mattress toppers and pads. 

eLuxury sells a range of affordable yet luxurious mattress pads and toppers designed to soften firm mattresses and to improve pressure point relief.  We’re pretty sure you’ll find one that meets your specific needs in this guide.

But in case you are looking for a different brand or would like to see our top picks for a range of common needs, check out our roundup of the best mattress pads

Our Top 3 Picks

What’s In This Review

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Best eLuxury Mattress Toppers & Pads

Bamboo Mattress Pad
  • Bamboo Mattress Pad

  • Best for hot sleepers

  • Cover
    Polyester & Bamboo

  • Fill

  • 1.5” thick

Double Thick Bamboo Mattress Pad
  • Double thick bamboo mattress pad

  • Best for extra-firm mattresses

  • Cover
    Polyester & Bamboo

  • Fill

  • 2” thick

eLuxury Pillowtop Mattress Pad
  • Pillowtop mattress pad

  • Best budget

  • Cover

  • Fill

  • 1.5” thick

eLuxury Dual Layer Mattress Pad & Topper
  • Dual layer pad & topper

  • Most luxurious

  • Cover
    Polyester & Bamboo

  • Fill
    Microfiber & gel memory foam

  • 3” thick

Beautyrest Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • BeautyRest memory foam topper

  • Best memory foam topper

  • Cover

  • Fill
    Memory foam

  • 1.5”/3” thick

Tencel Top Mattress Pad
  • Tencel Top mattress pad

  • Best Tencel mattress pad

  • Cover
    Polyester & Tencel

  • Fill

  • 1.5” thick

Five Zone Convoluted Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Five zone mattress topper

  • Best support

  • Cover

  • Fill
    Memory foam

  • 1.5”/3” thick


Best Mattress Pad For Hot Sleepers

The eLuxury bamboo mattress pad is one of their most popular ones. It adds a nice plush feel to any firm mattress, and it’s a great choice for hot sleepers. 

The cover of the eLuxury bamboo mattress pad is a blend of polyester (70%) and bamboo rayon (30%). 

Bamboo fabrics have excellent breathability, which is why this is one of eLuxury’s coolest mattress pads. It’s a good choice for anyone who sleeps hot or sweats a lot at night. 

Inside the mattress is a special type of polyester fill called cluster fiber fill or Revoloft. Cluster fiber is designed to feel soft and plush, while maintaining it’s loft and structure. This keeps the mattress pad from going flat after some time. 

Cluster fiber is also more airy than ordinary synthetic fiberfill, which helps further with cooling. 

Because of the bamboo rayon cover, the eLuxury bamboo mattress pad is a bit pricier than other mattress pads with a polyester cover. But it’s worth it if you want to soften your firm mattress while also enjoying cooler sleep. 


Best Mattress Pad for Extra-firm Mattresses

If you have an extra-firm mattress that needs more padding to be comfortable, eLuxury makes a thicker version of their bamboo mattress pad. 

The double thick eLuxury bamboo mattress pad has the same polyester-bamboo rayon blend cover. So it sleeps just as cool as the thinner bamboo mattress pad. 

eLuxury says the double thick pad is about 2” thick, making it half an inch thicker than their other bamboo mattress pad. 

It contains the same cluster fiberfill that feels soft yet lofty. The mattress pad will not pancake when you sleep on it. 

Both the ordinary and double thick eLuxury bamboo mattress pads are designed to work with any mattress up to 18” thick, thanks to their deep pocket skirts. 

The only issue with the thicker bamboo mattress pad is the price. If you are shopping for a budget eLuxury mattress pad, we review a cheaper option next. 


Best Budget Mattress Pad

If you are looking for something more pocket-friendly, the Pillowtop mattress pad is the cheapest pad eLuxury offers. 

The 1.5” eLuxury Pillowtop mattress pad is ideal for adding a bit of softness to a medium-firm or firm mattress (for an extra-firm mattress, get the double thick bamboo pad or the dual layer pad & topper). 

The soft Revoloft down alternative fiberfill in the Pillowtop mattress pad provides pressure relief on your joints and back. 

The cover is made from a soft polyester fabric. While not as cool as cotton or bamboo mattress pads, the PolySoft fabric is not too stuffy either. It’s breathable enough to keep most sleepers cool and sweat-free at night. 

Baffles are sewn onto the cover. The Revoloft fiberfill is contained in these baffles, instead of just being stuffed inside the cover. 

This keeps the mattress pad from shifting or bunching up. It ensures the pad retains its structure, loft and comfort for years. 

Similar to other eLuxury mattress pads, the Pillowtop pad comes with a deep skirt that fits mattresses up to 18” tall.

Not sure whether to get a mattress pad or topper? Why not get both?

The eLuxury dual layer mattress pad and topper combines a 1.5” bamboo pad with a 1.5” gel memory foam topper. 

The result is a 3-inch plush and luxurious mattress cover. The dual layer mattress cover is a great choice if you have an extra-firm mattress and want deep pressure relief. It is especially ideal for side sleepers experiencing hip or shoulder pain caused by sleeping on a firm mattress. 

Combining a mattress pad and topper gives you the deep pressure relief you need, while also providing some support for your back. 

The mattress pad is made with a polyester and bamboo rayon blend cover with Cluster fiber filling inside. The breathable bamboo fabric, combined with the gel memory foam makes the eLuxury dual layer mattress cover a good choice for hot sleepers. 

The dual layer eLuxury mattress cover is easy to set up. Place the memory foam topper on the mattress first and give it a few hours to puff up to its full size (it comes compressed and rolled up). 

Next, place the pad on the topper and secure both to the mattress by tucking the deep skirt underneath the mattress. The skirt can accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches thick. 

As you’d expect, the 2-in-1 eLuxury mattress pad and topper is not cheap. If you want something cheaper, get the eLuxury memory foam topper (reviewed next). 


Best Memory Foam Topper

If you want a traditional memory foam topper, eLuxury offers two sizes: 1.5” for adding just a bit of softness to a mattress and 3” for plushing up very firm mattresses. 

Both sizes have a medium-firm feel. They provide pressure relief on your back, hips, shoulders and other pressure points without sacrificing support. 

We recommend the 1.5” option for back and stomach sleepers who want a softer mattress that still offers plenty of support. The 3” option is ideal for side sleepers who want deep pressure relief. 

The memory foam topper comes rolled up and compressed. Unroll it on your bed and give it a few hours to puff up. That’ll also give it time to air out and eliminate the mild new foam smell. 

Note that the topper doesn't come with a cover. If you want to protect it, you can position it under your mattress protector or buy a mattress topper cover. 

Another issue to note is that the eLuxury memory foam topper may not be ideal if you are a hot sleeper. The foam doesn't even contain cooling gel. It might turn your bed into a sauna. 

For hot sleepers who want a plush mattress topper, we recommend the dual layer mattress topper and pad. It sleeps cooler. 


Best Tencel Mattress Pad

Tencel is a good alternative to bamboo for those looking for a cool mattress pad. 

The eLuxury Tencel mattress pad uses a blend of Tencel (37%) and polyester (63%) in the cover, making it both soft and breathable. 

Inside the cover is the usual Revoloft fiberfill eLuxury uses in its mattress pads. It’s plush, but doesn't go flat after just a few months. The clustered fiberfill is designed to retain its loft for a long time. 

The Tencel mattress pad is about 1.5” thick. It gives the mattress a nice plush feel, without affecting support. 

We recommend it for anyone looking to soften a medium-firm or firm mattress. It is especially suitable for back and stomach sleepers. 

The Tencel mattress pad comes with a deep skirt that fits mattresses up to 18”. 

Our only issue with it is the price. The eLuxury Tencel mattress pad costs more than most fiberfill mattress pads. 

If you are looking for a budget mattress pad, we recommend the eLuxury Pillowtop mattress pad. It has a basic polyester cover and costs less than both the bamboo and Tencel eLuxury mattress pads. 

Zoned mattresses offer targeted support and pressure relief to different areas of your body. The five-zone eLuxury memory foam mattress topper works the same way. 

It has zones with varying firmness and softness. For instance, it's firmer under your lower back to provide support and softer around your shoulders for pressure relief. 

The zoned design provides much better overall support compared to an ordinary mattress topper. It's great for people with back pain or joint pain caused by a poor sleeping posture. 

The targeted support and pressure relief from the zoned topper keeps your spine properly aligned. 

The other unique thing about the eLuxury zoned mattress topper is the surface. It has a convoluted egg tray-like texture that improves airflow. This keeps the topper cool. 

Note that the zoned topper doesn't come with a cover. Either buy a mattress topper separately or place the topper under a mattress protector.

eLuxury Mattress Topper & Pad Buying Guide

Construction & Materials

You may have noticed that eLuxury mattress toppers share many similarities when it comes to materials and construction. 

For instance, all eLuxury mattress pads have the same filling – Revoloft or Cluster fiberfill. 

Revoloft is a type of down alternative fill that feels really soft and maintains its structure even after months of use. The mattress pad retains its thickness for a long time. 

All their mattress pads also have the same thickness – 1.5 inches. 

The main difference is the cover material. Options include bamboo-polyester blend, polyester only, and polyester-Tencel blend. 

Notably, eLuxury currently doesn't have a mattress pad with a 100% cotton cover. 

As for the mattress toppers, they are all made with memory foam and measure 1.5” or 3”. 

Firmness and Comfort

eLuxury Mattress Topper & Pad

So, how do eLuxury mattress toppers and pads feel? 

All eLuxury toppers and pads are meant to soften a firm mattress. If your problem is that your mattress is too soft, eLuxury doesn't have what you are looking for. 

eLuxury pads and toppers are ideal for those looking for better pressure point relief. 

How To Choose The Best eLuxury Mattress Topper or Pad

Here's what to consider when deciding which eLuxury mattress topper or pad to get. 

1. How do you want to adjust your mattress? 

The most important consideration is the kind of comfort adjustment you want. Do you want to make your mattress softer or firmer?

When it comes to eLuxury mattress toppers and pads, making your mattress softer is the only option. Decide how soft you want to make it. 

Mattress pads add the least amount of softness to the mattress, while eLuxury memory foam toppers add the most amount of softness. 

If your mattress is not too bad but you'd like it a tad softer, get one of eLuxury's 1.5” mattress pads. 

If you want to make your mattress even softer, but without reducing support, get a 1.5” eLuxury memory foam topper. And if you want to make your mattress extra-soft, get a 3” eLuxury memory foam topper. 

2. How firm is your current mattress? 

If you have a soft mattress and add an eLuxury topper or pad on top of it, it'll get even softer and less supportive. 

That's why we do not recommend eLuxury mattress toppers for medium to soft mattresses. If you think your soft mattress is giving you back pain and other aches, what you need is a firm topper to boost support. 

If you have a medium-firm mattress and you want to soften it, be careful not to go too far. Adding a 3-inch eLuxury topper could compromise support, making you sink too deep into the bed. 

We recommend a 1.5” mattress topper or pad. It softens up the mattress while retaining adequate support. 

Thicker mattress toppers (3” and bigger) are ideal for improving pressure relief on firm and extra-firm mattresses. And even then, they are mostly ideal for side sleepers. 

3. Your sleeping position 

Back and stomach sleepers need a medium-firm to firm sleeping surface. But a too-firm mattress can still be uncomfortable and put pressure on your hips or back. 

We recommend a 1.5” mattress pad for stomach sleepers and a 1.5” memory foam topper for back sleepers

Back sleepers need a bit more give than stomach sleepers, hence the memory foam recommendation. 

For side sleepers, a thicker topper (3”) will give you the deep pressure relief you are looking for. But it also depends on how firm your current mattress is. If it's not too firm, a thinner 1.5” memory foam topper will be adequate. 

4. Are you a hot sleeper? 

eLuxury has mattress pads and toppers designed specifically for hot sleepers. These include the bamboo mattress pad, the double thick bamboo mattress pad, the Tencel mattress pad, and the dual layer topper and pad. 

The dual layer one includes a bamboo mattress pad and a gel memory foam topper. 

That said, eLuxury toppers and pads are not the coolest in the market. Extra-hot sleepers should look beyond eLuxury and consider getting high performance cooling mattress toppers and pads made with materials like latex, cotton, down, and wool.

Issues and Limitations

eLuxury Mattress Topper & Pad

One of the limitations of eLuxury mattress toppers is one we’ve just mentioned above. They are not the best for extra-hot sleepers. 

All their mattress pads are made with microfiber while their toppers are memory foam. Both are not materials known for staying cool. 

They have a few toppers that sleep fairly cool, but they are only ideal for mild to average hot sleepers. 

Another limitation is that none of eLuxury’s mattress pads is waterproof. If you are looking for a 2-in-1 mattress pad and protector, eLuxury doesn't offer it. 

Care and Maintenance

eLuxury Mattress Topper & Pad

All eLuxury mattress pads are machine washable. However, you’ll need a high-capacity washing machine that will fit the mattress pad. 

Make sure you follow the washing and drying instructions on the label. 

As for the memory foam toppers, you can only spot clean them. 

The best way to protect and keep your eLuxury topper or pad clean is by placing it under a waterproof mattress protector. This protects it from dirt, stains, and allergens

It also means you don't have to wash the mattress pad often, which can reduce its lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are eLuxury mattress toppers and pads made?

While on their website eLuxury says their toppers and pads are made in the USA, some of their products on Amazon are labelled as ‘Made in China’. 

It seems only some of their products are made in the USA.

How do eLuxury mattress toppers and pads feel?

eLuxury mattress pads and toppers are generally soft and plush. They are great for softening a firm mattress and adding more pressure relief. 

What are eLuxury mattress pads made of?

All eLuxury mattress pads contain Revoloft cluster fiber filling. The cover on most of them is a blend of polyester and another material like Tencel or Bamboo rayon. 

What are eLuxury mattress toppers made of?

eLuxury mattress toppers are made with memory foam. 

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