Quility Weighted Blanket Review

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In this article we review the Quility Weighted blanket. 

The Quility weighted blanket is currently the best-selling and highest rated weighted blanket on Amazon today.

It’s a tad more expensive than other weighted blankets, but it is incredibly comfortable and comes complete with a soft duvet cover. 

You can choose from more than a dozen sizes and weights and from several duvet cover styles. 

If this is not what you are looking for, we have other great recommendations in our roundup of the best weighted blankets.

Our Take

Thousands of positive reviews and 5-star rating are a good sign that the Quility weighted blanket is as good as advertised. 

We love that the Quility blanket comes with a duvet cover, unlike many weighted blankets that offer the cover separately. So while it’s a bit pricey, we think the Quility is a good value for money.

We also love the wide range of weight options available – from 5lbs to 30lbs. 

The Quility blanket is made with high quality materials, and the stitching doesn't come loose. The glass beads provide even weight distribution. 

Our only complaint is that the Quility blanket can get a bit warm at times due to its polyester duvet. If you sleep hot, you may want to invest in a cotton or bamboo duvet instead. 

Who Should Buy The Quility Weighted Blanket?

quility weighted blankets

The Quility weighted blanket is best for: 

That said, a weighted blanket is not for everyone. 

Do not use a weighted blanket if you suffer from asthma or any respiratory problem, type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, low blood pressure and certain other medical conditions. Always consult your doctor before buying a weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket is also not suitable for children under the age of 2, the elderly, disabled persons (who cannot independently get out from under the blanket), and those with claustrophobia.  

How The Quility Weighted Blanket Works

quility premium weighted blanket

The Quility weighted blanket, and other weighted blankets, provide deep pressure stimulation

The firm but gentle pressure from the weight of the blanket has the same calming and relaxing effect as a hug or a cuddle. 

Glass beads in the Quility blanket are arranged in such a way that the blanket drapes closely over your body, providing even pressure throughout.   

What Is The Quility Weighted Blanket Made Of?

The Quility weighted blanket is made from cotton, which makes it breathable and prevents overheating. 

Inside the blanket are non-toxic and silent glass beads, which add to the weight of the blanket. To ensure the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed, the beads are contained within pockets sewn into the blanket. 

This allows the blanket to apply even pressure on your body, and prevent weight from shifting around. 

The Quility weighted blanket comes complete with a soft duvet cover made from polyester. 

Quility Weighted Blanket: Weight and Size Options

quility weighted blanket cover

The smallest and lightest Quility weighted blanket is a 36” by 48” 5lb blanket. It’s great for kids. 

Other weight options include 7, 12, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pounds. All these are available in different sizes, with the largest being 86” by 92”. 

To get the ideal blanket weight, calculate 10% of your body weight. If the number falls between two weights, go with the lower one. For instance, if you weigh 230lbs, the 20lb Quility weighted blanket is the best choice. 

If you are a hot sleeper or are sensitive to pressure on your body, get a lighter blanket that is 5-7% of your body weight. 

As for size, it depends on your body size. If you have a large body frame or want a weighted blanket that will cover your full size bed, go with the 60” by 80”. 

If you have a Queen bed or want a weighted blanket for you and your partner, get the 86” by 92”. 

Quility also offers a choice of colors for the duvet cover. You can get a plain color or a patterned style. The duvet cover includes ties that secure to the blanket’s loops. This keeps the blanket from bunching up inside the cover.  

Quility Weighted Blanket: Comfort & Performance

Weight & Comfort

If you’ve never slept under a weighted blanket before, it’ll take some time to get used to the feeling. Give yourself 2-3 nights. 

The Quility weighted blanket has even weight distribution without any shifting, so you should experience even pressure from head to toe. 

It is going to be harder to turn and toss, but the reduced tossing often leads to better quality sleep for most people. 

Both the cotton blanket and the polyester duvet cover feel soft.


The cotton blanket is breathable, but it can still feel a bit warm if you are a hot sleeper. The duvet cover can also make you hot. 

If you sleep hot, we recommend buying a lighter weighted blanket, perhaps 5-7% of your body weight. Also, remove the duvet cover to improve breathability. 


Based on customer reviews, the Quility weighted blanket seems well made and is likely to hold up well over a long time. 

We haven’t seen many complaints regarding the stitching coming loose, causing beads to fall out or shift inside the blanket. 

Issues & Complaints

If you are shopping for a budget weighted blanket, Quility may not be the best choice. It costs a bit more than many other brands. 

One reason it costs more is that it comes with a duvet cover, while most weighted blankets sell the cover separately. 

That said, the Quility weighted blanket is a high quality product and more comfortable than many other weighted blankets we’ve tried. So we think it’s worth it – in fact, it’s our top pick overall in our weighted blanket buying guide.

One complaint we have is that the Quility weighted blanket does get warm. This is especially the case for hot sleepers. If you sleep hot, sleep without the duvet cover. 

Care & Maintenance

Because the Quility weighted blanket comes with a duvet cover, you don't need to wash the heavy blanket. Just remove the duvet and machine wash it in cold water on a gentle setting. 

If the inner weighted blanket gets dirty, you have three options. The best is to spot clean the dirty or stained areas using cold water and gentle detergent. 

The other two options are dry cleaning and hand washing. 

Do not clean the inner weighted blanket in a washing machine, however, even if you have one big enough to hold this blanket. 

Quility Weighted Blanket: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Quility weighted blanket hot?

Most people sleep cool under the Quility weighted blanket. The cotton material keeps heat from building up under the blanket. 

But if you are a hot sleeper, the Quility blanket can sometimes feel a bit too warm. Remove the duvet cover if you get hot. 

Which Quility blanket weight should I get?

The general rule is to pick a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight.

If you are concerned that it will be too heavy for you, get one that is 5-7% of your weight. 

Is the Quility weighted blanket safe for kids?

Yes it is, as long as your child is older than 2 years. There are lighter options (5lbs, 7lbs, and 10lbs), that are perfect for toddlers and older kids. 

The Quility weighted blanket is especially helpful for autistic kids with sensory issues. The pressure of the blanket helps them stay calm and get better quality sleep. 

Does the Quility weighted blanket come with a cover?

Yes, it does. The duvet cover is made from polyester and feels really soft. It includes ties to secure it to the inner blanket loops.

How do I clean the Quility weighted blanket?

Machine wash the duvet cover with cold water and a gentle setting. As for the inner blanket, you can dry clean, hand clean or spot clean it. 

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