Molecule Mattress Topper Reviews – AirTEC or Triple Zone?

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Shopping for a Molecule mattress topper?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Molecule makes great mattresses, mattress toppers, and other bedding accessories. 

If you are interested in a Molecule mattress, then you can see their full collection on their official website.

In this review, we take a look at their two most popular mattress toppers, the Molecule Triple Zone PRO and the Molecule CopperWELL topper.

Molecule’s toppers borrow a few features and technologies from their mattresses to provide comfort, support, temperature control, and longevity. 

So while Molecule toppers do cost a bit more than other foam toppers, we think they are worth the price. 

What Is In This Mattress Topper Review?

In this review we compare the two most popular Molecule mattress toppers and recommend the best one for various types of sleepers. 

NOTE: If you are looking for a cooling mattress topper, check out our reviews of the best cooling mattress toppers and pads.

About Molecule

molecule mattress topper

Molecule is a US bedding company that launched in 2018. The company is best known for using advanced foams in their mattresses to provide better support and cooling performance compared to traditional foams. 

Molecule’s advanced foams also make their toppers some of the best. They are great for adding more support and pressure relief to an uncomfortable or old mattress.  They are also a good choice for mattresses that sleep hot. 

Molecule Mattress Toppers: Quick Comparison

Currently, Molecule sells two mattress toppers, both made from foam. 

Here’s a quick comparison of the two toppers and a quick summary of each.

Triple Zone Pro 
3” thick
Materials: Gel foam & zoned foam
Cover: Polyester & nylon
Cooling performance: Excellent
Support: 3 zones
Warranty: 5 years

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3” thick
Materials: Copper-infused zoned memory foam 
Cover: None
Cooling performance: Good
Support: 7 zones
Warranty: 5 years

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Molecule Triple Zone Pro Topper

molecule airtec mattress topper

The Triple Zone Pro has a 2-layer design, with both layers made of polyurethane foam. 

The first layer is infused with gel while the second has a zoned design to provide targeted support. 

The Triple Zone Pro is a great choice for improved pressure relief. It can also soften a too-firm mattress. 

Molecule CopperWELL Topper

molecule mattress topper

The CopperWELL topper is also a 3” foam mattress topper. 

But unlike the Triple Zone Pro, it has just one layer of foam. 

The CopperWELL also uses memory foam rather than ordinary poly foam. 

The memory foam construction along with the 7-zone design of the topper makes the CopperWELL topper the best choice for sleepers who want pressure relief plus more support. 

Molecule Mattress Toppers Construction & Materials

Triple Zone Pro

molecule airtec topper review

The Triple Zone Pro uses two types of polyfoam in its two layers. Molecule calls them RestoreFLO and RecoveryFLO.

The first 1” layer is made with RestoreFLO foam. This is a type of high-airflow polyfoam that’s infused with gel for heat absorption. This layer is soft and plush, providing instant pressure relief when you lie down. 

The second 2” layer is made with RecoveryFLO foam. It’s sectioned into three zones with varying firmness. They provide targeted support for different areas of the body. 

The two layers are wrapped in a cool-to-the-touch cover made with a polyester and nylon blend fabric. 


molecule mattress topper

The CopperWELL mattress topper is made with just one layer of ILD 15 and 2.5 density memory foam. 

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam, but it has slower recovery than ordinary polyfoam. This gives it its signature plush feel. 

The ILD 15 figure is a measure of firmness. It means the memory foam is soft, but not too soft. So you still get some support. The 2.5 density is pretty good for a mattress topper. It indicates the topper will last a long time (hence the 5-year warranty). 

The memory foam is infused with copper for heat dissipation. It also has a zoned design, with a whopping 7 zones for hyper-targeted support. 

Overall, Molecule mattress toppers are made with high quality foams, and that’s why they cost more. Their foams are cooler, more supportive, have less off-gassing, and they last longer. Also, Molecule only uses CertiPUR-US certified foams. 

Molecule Mattress Toppers: Feel & Comfort

If the main issue with your mattress is that it’s too soft and doesn't provide adequate support, neither of the two Molecule mattress toppers will suit your needs. 

Molecule toppers are designed to soften a too-firm mattress. They both have a soft to medium feel. Their 3” thickness also adds to their plushness. You’ll sink deeper compared to a 1” or 2” topper. 

We recommend Molecule mattress toppers for firm and extra-firm mattresses only. They are an especially good choice for improving pressure relief on hybrid and innerspring mattresses.  

Note: Exactly how each topper feels depends on the firmness of your mattress, your weight, and your sleeping position. 

Triple Zone Pro

molecule airtec topper review

Molecule does not specify the firmness of their Triple Zone Pro topper. But it has a soft to medium feel. 

The top fel-infused foam layer is particularly soft and great for relieving pressure. 

The bottom layer has three zones of varying firmness across it. It’s firmer where you need extra support (like your back) and softer where you need the foam to hug a pressure point (like your shoulders). 

The Molecule Triple Zone Pro is ideal for softening a too-firm mattress. As for sleeping positions, it’s best suited to side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers will find it too soft to support them.


If you love the feel of memory foam mattresses but are not ready to spend around a thousand bucks on a quality memory foam mattress, the Molecule CopperWELL topper is a cheaper alternative

It’s made with memory foam, and has the classic deep hug that memory foam mattresses provide. 

It has an ILD of 15, meaning it’s not overly soft. An ILD of 15 is one of the highest when it comes to memory foam. It’s still much softer compared to ordinary polyfoam with ILD 30 or higher. 

Most people will experience a medium comfort feel with the CopperWELL mattress topper. We recommend pairing it only with a firm or extra-firm mattress. Otherwise, it could make your mattress too soft and reduce support.    

As for sleeping positions, the Molecule CopperWELL topper is mostly ideal for side sleepers. But heavier back sleepers may appreciate the added sinkage they get with the 3” topper. 

The 7-zone design takes the comfort of the CopperWELL topper to the next level. The added zones provide even more targeted support and pressure relief. 

There are soft relief zones for your shoulders, hips and knees, and firmer support zones for your head, waist, legs, and feet. 

Essentially, the Molecule CopperWELL topper fits your body like a glove. It not only softens your too-firm mattress, it also boosts support and spinal alignment. 

How Cool Are Molecule Mattress Toppers?

It’s no longer true that foam mattresses and toppers always sleep hot. This totally depends on how they are made. 

Molecule uses advanced foams that are not only more comfortable and longer lasting, but also cooler and more breathable. 

In our opinion, we wouldn’t rate the cooling performance of Molecule mattress toppers on the same level as a natural latex topper. But they are noticeably cooler than budget foam toppers. 

If you are a hot sleeper and prefer the soft feel of a foam topper, either of Molecule toppers is a great choice. 

Here’s a look at the cooling tech in each topper. 

Triple Zone Pro

molecule topper review

Triple Zone Pro’s cooling tech begins in the cover. It’s made with a blend of fabrics – mostly polyester and nylon but with a bit of Polyethylene as well.

This blend makes the cover feel cool to the touch. That said, it’s not as cool as a cotton or bamboo cover, or a cover with a phase change material infused into it. 

It also performs a bit poorly when it comes with moisture absorption. If you sweat a lot at night, we recommend placing a moisture-wicking sheet over the Triple Zone Pro topper. 

As for the foam itself, it’s pretty breathable. 

The first layer has an open cell design that improves airflow. It also contains cooling gel that absorbs body heat to keep you cool. 

The second layer is also made with open cell foam that retains less heat. 


molecule mattress topper

The CopperWELL topper’s two main weapons against overheating are an open-cell structure and copper infused into the foam. 

The open-cell design allows heat to escape away from the memory foam, while the copper conducts heat away from the topper. 

Does this make it the coolest mattress topper you can get? Definitely not. A latex topper sleeps cooler, but the CopperWELL topper is cooler than most memory foam toppers. 

The CopperWELL topper doesn't come with a cover, so you can use any breathable cover you want to improve cooling and moisture wicking (cotton and bamboo are our go-to cover fabrics). Or you can just tuck the topper under a fitted sheet. 

Warranty & Returns

Molecule mattress toppers come with a 30-night free test & return period. Returns are free, but you’ll need to donate the topper to a charity and show proof to get a full refund. 

If you keep the topper, Molecule offers a 5-year warranty on both mattress toppers. 

Which One Should You Get?

Get the Molecule CopperWELL topper if…

Who Should Avoid Molecule Mattress Toppers?

Where To Buy?

We recommend purchasing Molecule mattress toppers from the manufacturer’s website or from leading online retailers like

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