Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover & Mattress Review

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In this article we review the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover and Pod mattress. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover is where all of the technology happens. It combines a heating and cooling system with built-in sleep monitoring and health tracking technology.

The Pod Pro Cover is not cheap, but it works well at keeping you cool and preventing night sweats. It’s also a great bed warmer for chilly nights. 

If this is not what you are looking for, read our reviews of the best bed cooling systems for other recommendations.

Our Take

If you sleep hot, there are many different cooling methods and systems you can buy including cooling mattress pads and toppers

The most effective are bed climate control systems that use air or water to cool and warm the bed. The most popular are the BedJet V3 and ChiliSleep’s OOLER & Cube. But these aren’t exactly cheap – and they don’t monitor the quality of your sleep. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is another bed climate control system that pumps cooled or warmed water through the active grid integrated into the cover. 

Using the Eight Sleep app, you can set the bed temperature to anywhere between 55 and 110 degrees. If you sleep with your partner, you can adjust the temperature independently for each side of the bed. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover does an impressive job cooling your body at night. 

The sleep tracking features are OK, but what sleepers will appreciate most is how cool or warm it can make their bed.

The mattress, on the other hand, is ordinary. If you already have a good mattress, there’s no need to buy the Pod mattress; just buy the cover. 

The main downside for the Pod Pro Cover is the price tag. The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is one of the most expensive bed cooling systems in the market. 

If you are on a budget, ChiliSleep’s OOLER and Cube systems are cheaper. BedJet is also cheaper. 

But if you like the idea of a smart cover that can cool and warm you at night while tracking your sleep quality, The Pod Pro Cover is the only choice.

About Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is a private American bedding company that launched in 2014 with the aim of making smart mattresses. 

Their smart Pod Pro mattress combiness sleep tracking, health tracking, and climate control in one advanced mattress cover. 

Eight Sleep is based in New York and manufactures its products in the United States.

What Is The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover - And How Does It Work?

pod bed frame

When you order the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover, you’ll receive a mattress cover that goes on top of your mattress and a compact sized hub that you place next to your bed. 

The mattress cover and the hub connect with a hose. 

The Pod Pro Cover does two things: it controls the climate of your bed and it tracks your sleep. 

Cooling & Warming

Inside the hub is a fan, heating element, water pump, and a water reservoir. 

The fan cools the water, while the heating element heats the water. The pump pushes the cooled or warmed water (depending on the temperature you’ve selected) through a hose and into the mattress cover. 

The Pod Pro cover has an active grid consisting of thin tubes. Water from the hub spreads through these tubes to create a cool or warm sleeping surface. 

To select your preferred temperature, you use the Eight Sleep app. The app has several additional features that we’ll talk about shortly. 

The temperature range is 55F to 110F.

That said, you probably won’t get the Pod Pro cover down to 55 degrees. Most users find they can only achieve low 60s, or around 58-59 degrees. 

That’s because the hub doesn't contain a compressor. It doesn't cool like your kitchen fridge or an air conditioner. 

How much it cools depends greatly on room temperature. If it’s too hot in your bedroom, the Pod Pro cover will struggle to keep your bed cool. That’s why you still need to keep your AC on, but you can turn it a few degrees higher than usual to save energy. 

Sleep & Health Tracking

eight sleep pod review

In addition to the thin tubes, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover also contains various sensors to track heart rate, breathing, and movement. 

Eight Sleep uses data from these sensors to analyze your sleep and tell you how well (or poorly) you are sleeping via the app. 

You can check your overall sleep fitness score on the app and track your sleep patterns over time. 

The Pod Pro cover also tracks ambient temperature and humidity, and automatically adjusts bed temperature to keep you comfortable. 

How to Set Up The Pod Pro Cover

The Pod Pro Cover works with any mattress that’s between 10 and 16 inches thick.

You first put the encasement on your mattress, much like you would a fitted sheet. Then you zip the Pod Pro cover to the encasement and secure it with straps. 

Once you set up the cover, it stays put. 

Next, connect the hose to the hub and plug in the hub into a power outlet. Add distilled water and a bit  of hydrogen peroxide to the water reservoir and you are good to go. 

How Well Does The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Work?

eight sleep pod review

Is the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover worth its high price tag? Let’s look at how well it works at improving sleeping experience.

Cooling Performance - How Cold Does The Pod Pro Cover Get?

Because the Eight Sleep Pod Pro’s cooling performance depends on ambient temperature and humidity, your mileage may vary. 

The warmer the room is, the more the Pod Pro struggles to keep the bed cool. 

So while you can select a temperature as low as 55 degrees, it is unlikely the cover will achieve it. The coolest you might feel is 58-60 degrees. 

But that’s cool enough for most hot sleepers. In fact, it can be too cold as the night progresses (which is why it’s great that you can set a temperature schedule for the night). 

If you sleep extra-hot, live in a place that experiences heat waves, you have night sweats, or you occasionally get hot flashes, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover works. 

It’ll cool you better than any mattress or mattress pad.  

But you have to keep your room fairly cool (not more than 75-79 degrees). In some places, this means keeping your AC on. You can also crack open a window.

How Warm Does The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Get?

Heating is not a problem in the Pod Pro cover since it relies on a heating element. It’s not dependent on ambient temperature. 

You can make your bed as warm as you want (up to 110F). 

One thing to note is that temperature change is not instantaneous, whether you are cooling or warming your bed. Unlike an air based system like BedJet, the Pod Pro Cover takes a couple of minutes to adjust to the selected temperature. 


It’s a bummer Eight Sleep doesn't offer a physical remote control. The only way to control temperature and other features is via the Eight Sleep app. 

This is a problem for those who prefer leaving gadgets out of their bedroom. 

Another downside is that there’s no backup option for controlling temperature if your WiFi is down. The app has to be connected to WiFi for it to work. 

Thankfully, the app is well laid out, is easy to use, and has minimal bugs. It also has tons of features. 

You can adjust bed temperature up and down between 55 and 110 degrees. You can also set a sleep schedule with different temperatures at various times of the night. 

This is handy if you tend to get colder through the night. You can set the Pod Pro cover to increase temperature.  

Other app features include: 

Noise Level

The hub of the Eight Sleep Pod Pro contains a fan, but it’s pretty quiet. You only get a very low hum that doesn't disrupt sleep. If anything, some people find it soothing. 

The Pod Pro is so quiet that Eight Sleep did not see the need for fan speed settings.  

How Does The Pod Pro Cover Feel?

sleep pod reviews

One of the most common complaints with an earlier version of the Pod Pro cover is that you could feel the thin tubes. 

The upgraded Pod Pro has a thin foam cushioning to prevent that. Some people still feel the tubes, especially those with a firm mattress. 

But for most people, the Pod Pro cover doesn't change how their mattress feels. It doesn't make it any softer or firmer. 

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover for Couples

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is great for couples. That’s because you can set separate temperatures for each side of the bed. 

Unlike other bed cooling systems like OOLER and BedJet, you don't need two hubs to control two sides of the bed. The Pod Pro controls both sides from a single hub, thus saving floor space.

Who Should Buy The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover?

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover vs. ChiliSleep OOLER and Cube systems

The main alternative to the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is ChiliSleep’s OOLER and Cube systems. Like Eight Sleep, ChiliSleep uses water to cool and warm the bed.


One difference between Eight Sleep Pod Pro and ChiliSleep is price. The Eight Sleep Pod pro cover costs more than both the Cube and OOLER systems. If you are shopping on a budget, the ChiliSleep Cube system is the most pocket-friendly. 


Another difference is that ChiliSleep only offers cooling and warming. The Chilipad pad used in the Cube and OOLER systems doesn't contain sleep-tracking sensors. Only tubes to carry water. 

In contrast, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro offers both climate control and sleep tracking. That’s probably why it costs more. 

ChiliSleep systems use a pad over your mattress instead of a mattress cover. It’s a bit thicker than the Eight Sleep cover, but it doesn't change the feel of the mattress.

Cooling & Warming

Cooling performance is fairly similar for Eight Sleep, OOLER and Cube. All three systems can cool down to 55 degrees. 

But actual cooling performance depends on ambient temperature and humidity. If your bedroom is adequately cool and the humidity isn’t too high, all three systems perform really well at cooling. 

As for warming, there’s no complaint regarding any of the three systems. The only slight difference is that ChiliSleep OOLER and Cube can go up to 115 degrees, while Eight Sleep warms up to 110. 

Controls & Features

Eight Sleep Pod Pro uses a WiFi app to control temperature and other settings. It doesn't come with a backup remote control. 

ChiliSleep OOLER has a good old fashioned remote control. 

ChiliSleep Cube uses a BlueTooth app, and doesn't come with a physical remote control.  

All three options offer a split configuration for couples, allowing each partner to adjust their side of the bed to their preferred temperature. 

Eight Sleep does this in a cleaner and more compact way with just a single hub. In contrast, OOLER and Cube require two hubs, one on each side of the bed. 

As for features and tech, ChiliSleep OOLER and Eight Sleep are fairly similar at least when it comes to temperature control. 

In addition to adjusting temperature on the app, you can also set a temperature schedule and activate a temperature alarm. 

However, Eight Sleep is a bit more advanced. It can automatically adjust temperature depending on how warm or cold the room is. It also has a vibration alarm. 

Beyond temperature control, Eight Sleep offers a lot more features including sleep tracking, sleep fitness scores, health metrics and sleep aids. 

Noise Level

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is pretty quiet. ChiliSleep OOLER is noisier but only when the fan is set to high. You can reduce fan speed for a quieter sleep. 

ChiliSleep Cube doesn't have any fan settings, and can be pretty noisy when it’s cooling the bed. Avoid it if you are sensitive to sounds during sleep.  

Eight Sleep vs. OOLER vs. Cube: Which One Should You Buy?

Buy the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover if you want to track your sleep and health in addition to cooling and warming your bed. It’s also the quietest option.  

Buy ChiliSleep OOLER if you want a cheaper bed climate control system with an app. 

Buy ChiliSleep Cube if you are shopping on a budget. It’s the cheapest of the three. It’s also a great choice if you prefer a physical remote control over an app. 

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress

So far, we’ve only talked about the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover. But, as we mentioned, there’s an option to buy the cover along with the Eight Sleep mattress. 

The cover and mattress combo is a good choice if you are on the market for a new mattress. 

Note that you cannot get the mattress on its own without the cover; you either buy just the cover or the mattress and the cover. 

The Eight Sleep mattress is available in three options: Pod, Pod Pro, and Pod Pro Max. 

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress is 11” thick and has a 3-layer all-foam construction. It has a medium feel, making it a good choice for side and back sleepers weighing less than 230lbs. 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress is 12” thick with an all-foam construction. The main improvement is a 1” plush topper on top to provide deeper pressure relief. The Pod Pro also comes with a built-in gentle vibration alarm and more sensors to track your sleep and health. 

Like the Pod mattress, the Pod Pro’s medium feel is suitable only for light and average weight sleepers (under 230lbs). 

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max is similar to the Pod Pro, but comes with silver, graphite, and copper infused in the foam to help with cooling. 


Here are the current prices for the Pod Pro cover. Visit Eight Sleep’s official website for the latest prices and offers. 

Full – $1,495

Queen – $1,595

King – $1,795

Cal King – $1,795

These prices apply only to the Pod Pro cover that fits 10 and 11 inch mattresses. If your mattress is thicker than that, you’ll need the PerfectFit cover designed for 10 to 16 inch mattresses. It costs $100 more than the ordinary Pod Pro cover. 

The mattress and the cover combo is significantly more expensive than getting just the cover. Currently, a Queen size Pod costs $2,345, the Pod Pro costs $2,845, and the Pod Pro Max costs $3,345. 

Note that you can finance your purchase with Affirm. You’ll be able to check whether you qualify at checkout. 

Trial Period & Warranty

Eight Sleep offers a 30-night home trial for the Pod Pro cover, free shipping, and a 2-year warranty. 

If you get the mattress and cover combo, the cover will have a 2-year warranty and the mattress will have a separate 10-year warranty. 

The mattresses come with a 100-night in-home trial. 

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Pros and Cons



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover track sleep?

The Pod Pro cover has various sensors embedded within it that track your heart rate, breathing, and movement. It then uses this data to analyze sleep quality. 

Will the Eight Sleep cover help me sleep better?

If you don't sleep well because you get too hot or too cold at night, then the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover will improve your sleep quality. 

By tracking your health and sleep on the Eight Sleep app, you can also see which areas you need to work on to get better sleep.  

How does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover cool water?

It uses a fan, not a compressor, to cool water. It then pumps the cooled water through the mattress cover. 

As for heating, the hub contains a heating element that warms the water. 

How cold does Eight Sleep get?

You can set a temperature as low as 55F. In most cases, however, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover will only reach 58-60 degrees. That’s because it can only cool a certain number of degrees below room temperature

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