How to Reinforce & Fix a Bed Frame To Make It Stronger (5 Simple Hacks)

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Reinforcing Your Bed Length

There is nothing worse than a noisy, unbalanced bed frame that shakes and squeaks with every movement. However, instead of spending hundreds on a new bed frame, it is possible to save some money by strengthening your current bed frame.

This means you are making your bed more comfortable, stable, and quieter. Here are some ways to make your bed frame look almost as good as new.

There are several ways to approach the problem depending on the issue you have and the bed frame.

Recommended Materials: A drill, 1-inch screws, and a used mattress frame

Tightening Bed Frame Screws – First, double-check each of your bed's braces and screws.

Loose bolts and screws are common causes behind a wobbly and squeaky bed. However, it is easy to fix – all you need is a wrench and a screwdriver.

Reconnect Joints: If you're resting on a wooden frame bed, reconnect any pieces that have become loose over time. A bed frame that is not connected to its joints can cause it to sway or wobble.

To prevent any damage, place the cloth on either side of the joint. Ask a relative or friend to help you hold the frame. Use a mallet to gently hit the joint together and then repeat for any others that may be required.

If your bed frame has been previously glued, wrap the cloth around the joint and apply wood glue to the inner side.

After that, you can gently hammer the joint together and use something like a clamp to secure it until it dries. You can do the same for any other detachment joints.

Add bed slats to your basic bed frame. This will prevent mattress sagging and allow your mattress frame to support more weight.

To determine the length of your new slats, measure the inner diameter of your bed frame.

A pencil can be used to mark the length of a 1×4 wood plank. Then, use a handsaw to trim the excess wood.

You can repeat steps 1 and 2 to make using a different timber slat. Or, if you're not a handyman, you can take your measurements to your local hardware store, such as Home Depot, where they'll cut the wood for you.

Place a plank to the right of the middle beam and another about 2 1/2 feet from the framework's center bar.

You can use a power drill for securing the planks in the interior lip of the bed frame.

Replacing the Supportive Center Beam — You can remove the middle beam from your bed frame and replace it with one that offers more support.

Remove the middle beam from your bed frame.

Find the distance between your new center beam and the inner width of your bed frame.

To determine the length of your new service leg, measure the distance between the ground and the base of the middle beam.

Mark your center column dimensions on a 1×4 wood plank with a pencil. You can also use a saw to make it yourself. Or, take your measurements to a hardware store to have an expert cut a piece for you.

Continue step 4 with a 4×4 wood block.

To attach them, place your woodblock directly under the plywood center beam. Drill two wood screws through the block's surface to secure them together.

Use a power drill to attach each end of the center beam to your bed frame.

How to Fix a Broken Bed Frame

how to reinforce a bed frame

Don't give up if you are a little late to the reinforcement part of this post and now have a broken bed frame because it wasn't supportive enough. There may still be some hope.

This common problem occurs along the grain lines and at the ends of the framework. These eight steps will help you to channel your inner specialist.

Once you eliminate your mattress from the bed frame, leave all of the slats in place as you pry open the split from the core of the frame with a screwdriver. Once it is split, remove the extra wood chips and splinters.

Spread wood glue along the length of the split and then use a flat-head knife, such as putty or a paring knife, to spread it around.

You can use a clamp to hold the split together. Tighten the bolt until a paste is coming out of the crack. Allow them to dry on the framework for at least one night.

You can strengthen the framework and make sure that joints are strong by measuring the amount of split on the inside of the frame the next day. Add 6 inches to this measurement.

Take measurements of the width of your bed frame.

Cut a 1/2-inch strip of plywood or scrap wood with a saw or table to match the measurements you have just taken.

Use a 3/16″ bit to drill holes in the scrap wood. Make sure you drill 2 inches apart.

Apply wood glue to one side of scrap wood and place inside over the split. You will need to drill pilot holes in the framework. Once your bed is dry, you can put it back on.

Buying A New Bed Frame

how to reinforce a bed frame

It might be worth considering buying a new bed frame if strengthening your bed frame is impossible, or it's beyond repair. There are many types of mattress frames available, with varying prices.

A bed frame typically costs $250. However, the cost will vary depending on the materials and dimensions. Only a few bed frames (such adjustable frames) may cost more than $1500.

Before you start looking for a mattress frame, make sure you consider your space and budget.

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