Sealy Adjustable Base Review

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Sealy sells three adjustable bases: 

  1. the budget-priced Ease® 2.0,
  2. the mid-range TEMPUR-Ergo® with a two-zone massage, and 
  3. the premium TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend with a four-zone massage.

Sealy adjustable bed bases are a great way to reduce snoring and improve blood circulation. 

They also can help reduce swelling in the legs and relieve heartburn. 

In addition, these bed bases are an excellent way for you to unwind in bed while reading or watching TV.

What’s in This Adjustable Base Review

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You don’t have to read it all. Use this table of contents instead to jump to the most important features.

Sealy Adjustable Bases Compared

Sealy Adjustable Base

All three Sealy adjustable bases have the same basic adjustable power base that you can use for multiple seating or sleeping positions.

A wireless remote control is available on all models, too. 

All models include a zero-gravity mode, adjustable leg height, and split options for King and Cal King sizes.

The extra features you get by spending more on the TEMPUR–Ergo or Ergo Extend include the number of massage zones, an anti-snore mode, and USB ports.

Key Features

1. Head & Leg Lifts with Zero Gravity

Sealy adjustable bases allow you to lift your head and legs independently, just like all adjustable bases. All three bases have a similar head lift. The head lift is the same for all three bases.

You can choose the zero gravity position with all three bases. This allows you to lift the head and leg sections, improve comfort, reduce pressure on your spine and increase blood circulation.

2. Wireless Remote Control

Sealy Adjustable Base

All three Sealy adjustable bases include a wireless remote control. No need to worry about messy wires or fixed remote positions.

This remote control is easy to use even in darkness. There are buttons for presets such as zero gravity or Quiet mode. You can select the position that you desire with one click. A flat button returns the bed to its normal position.

The start button is a favorite button of ours. The remote control will recognize it when you’re in a specific position.

The base will adjust to your preferred position when you press the star while lying down.

A TV button also raises the base’s head section to the ideal viewing position. This button can be programmed to adjust the base to your preferred viewing position.

3. Quiet Mode

The Tempur Ergo and Tempur Ergo Extend can help with snoring problems.

The Quiet mode button on your remote control raises the head of the base slightly to open up airways and stop snoring.

4. PerfectSeat

Sealy Adjustable Base

PerfectSeat can only be purchased with the Tempur Ergo Extend adjustable base. Press this button on the remote control to adjust the base’s head and foot sections for a comfortable sitting position.

PerfectSeat is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in bed. The bed is almost as comfortable as a chair. 

5. Massage

Only the Tempur-Ergo Extend and Tempur-Ergo Extend have a built-in masseuse function.

The massage function can be activated with just a click on the remote control. You can also choose from three intensity levels.

6. Leg Height Adjustable

Are you more comfortable sleeping on a lower platform or prefer a higher one?

Sealy adjustable bases come with adjustable leg heights, so you can choose the height that suits your needs. You can set the base as low as 8 inches off the ground or as high as 17 inches.

7. Extras

Two USB ports – only available in the Tempur–Ergo and Tempur–Ergo Extend.

Under-bed lighting –only available in the Tempur Ergo and Tempur Ergo Extend. Use the remote control to turn the light on or off. If you don’t want your partner to wake up, the under-bed lighting is a great option.

Construction and Design

Sealy Adjustable Base

Sealy bases all use a metal frame that is strong enough to withstand hundreds of pounds.  That said, the three models do differ in terms of support.

The Sealy Ease 2.0 can support up to 650 lbs, the Tempur-Ergo can hold up to 700lbs, and the Tempur-Ergo Extend can support a combined weight of up to 850lbs.

Sealy Adjustable Bases can be used with all types of mattresses, even heavy hybrids, due to their high weight capacity. 

Each base has a retainer bar that stops the mattress sliding when adjusted to different positions.

The Sealy adjustable bases are equipped with a dual-motor drive for noise-free and quick adjustment.

Mattress Compatibility

Adjustable bases by Sealy work well with any mattress compatible with an adjustable base. These include innerspring, memory foam, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

That said, definitely check to make sure that your mattress works with an adjustable base by contacting the manufacturer.


These are the most recent prices for the Sealy adjustable bases (Queen sizes).

Sealy Ease(r.) 2.0 – $849

TEMPUR-Ergo(r)– $1,299

TEMPUR – Ergo(r) Extension – $2,199

Customer Feedback and Sleeping Experience

Sealy Adjustable Base

Many verified owners attest that their Sealy Adjustable Base has significantly improved their sleep experience and reduced their back pain.

A Sealy adjustable base is an excellent purchase for seniors or sick people who spend a lot of time in bed. Instead of putting pillows on top of them, raise your head to let them sit up and read or watch TV. You can also improve blood flow by using the zero-G feature.

People who snore also say they sleep more peacefully on their Sealy adjustable base. The Quiet mode on the Ergo or Ergo Extend prevents snoring.

Even if you don’t snore, you will find that lifting your head slightly can help a lot if you have congestion in your nose or sinuses.

The only big complaint we have is the massage feature. It is not as impressive as you might expect and can be quite noisy.

Assembly can also be a hassle due to the heavy base. Don’t move it yourself if you need to change your bed position or clean under it.


Sealy offers a generous 25-year warranty on all three adjustable bases.

For years 1 to 3, you get full coverage for parts and labor. Years 4 and 5 of the warranty cover only parts; you pay for labor and shipping.

The frame is fully covered from the one first through 25 years.

Return Policy

The retailer where you purchased the Sealy adjustable base will determine the return period. A standard 30-day return policy applies to orders placed on Amazon.

Some retailers might charge a restocking or return fee. So before you place an order, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Delivery and Setup

Sealy Adjustable Base

Sealy’s adjustable base comes in separate parts. Although it is easy to put everything together, it will require at least two people.

Make sure to place the base close to a power source.

You can set the bed up in two heights.

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