A Quick Guide To Buying Cherry Furniture

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Cherry wooden furnishings are well known for their longevity and beauty – often passed down from generation to generation within a family because of their high-end qualities. Because of its exceptional beauty and excellent structure, buying cherries online requires a lot of time and effort – which we all want to save.

When considering ordering your new chairs from an online store, you need to be aware of fake and counterfeit furniture. We have put together this handy guide so you know exactly where to look for quality items.

We've accumulated years of expertise when it comes to buying cherry wood online, so we've put together this simple and straightforward guide for anyone who wants to buy cherry wood online.

The Basics


You should first check the color of the piece of furniture itself because it will help you determine whether it’s genuine or not. To achieve this, just remember that cherry wood naturally has a lighter, pinkish, and warmer tone when freshly cut from the log, even before it gets exposed to sunlight.

Over long periods of years, as the wood ages, absorbs light, and undergoes several other processes, it darkens and becomes deep red in color, which is what you usually expect to find in old wooden furniture.


cherry wood furniture

You need to take into account the environment that the furniture will be used in when choosing its finish.

It’s important to note that if you have children, pets, or any other risks of rough treatment, it’s best to avoid using lacquer. Lacquer is easily cleaned up with just a damp cloth and is easy to reapply after scratching. Be sure to be careful when using the best impact driver for repairing this furniture.

Because these finishes are easy to wipe off with a damp rag. However, if you wish to maintain the color of your furnishings, then you should use a linseed oil varnish, which will help retain the color.

It takes a bit longer to clean, but you need to reapply it every now and then.

Solid cherry wood vs Cherry veneer

There are several key differences between cherrywood and cherry veneer: mainly in the way they look and their durability; however, there are certain advantages to both of them. To learn more about their dif­ferences, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions Re. Buying Cherry Wood Furniture

These are some general things you can look for when buying cherry furniture. They will help you determine if the furniture is high quality and ethically made.

Where is cherry wood grown?

Cherry wood production is mainly concentrated in North America, but the largest, high-end furniture-grade cherry wood forests are located in Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia. Sparse fields of cherry trees can be seen in Vermont and elsewhere, but they're not high quality and are mainly grown for their fruit.

Is cherry furniture eco-friendly?

It depends. If you purchase cherry wood from almost anywhere in the United States, you can be sure it is eco-friendly. However, if you purchase Brazilian cherry wood, which is made from tropical forest trees, and is simply labeled “cherry”, then you may not know whether or not it was legally harvested and may not be eco-friendly.

This is a section for answers to frequently asked questions about different types of cherry wood furniture and their prices.

What’s the difference between sapwood and heartwood?

The main difference between cherry sapwood and black cherry heartwood is simply the location from which the wood was cut out of the trees. Sapwood is the lightest wood next to the outer layer of bark, and heartwood is the darkest at the inner core.

Many people prefer the darker heartwood, so most visible surfaces are usually wood that has been cut from the darker heartwood, while the less visible or hardly visible parts are often sapwood.

What are the black flecks in the grain of cherry wood?

Black spots are usually the result of sap seeping out of the tree trunk. They're often a sign of the genuineness of wood. Those deposits appear in all cherry trees, but they don't affect their structural stability. You can purchase cherry wood without them.

Can I buy cherry furniture with no such deposits?

While you can purchase furniture without any of these deposits of sap, furniture manufacturers may be hesitant to do so because of several reasons.

First, up to five times the amount of wood needed to be used up to eliminate any of those minerals, and second, the sap deposits are a question of opinion. Some may like it, some may not, and others may not care.

What styles of furniture are traditionally built with cherry wood?

Various types of cherry wood have been used for making furniture, though black cherry is generally used when making Shaker furniture. Cherry wood is also used for traditional, arts and crafts projects as well as modern and craftsman-style furnishings.

What determines the quality and price of fine cherry furniture?

There are several things that affect the price of cherry wood furniture, including the type of wood used, its quality, the number of pieces, the size of the piece, and the overall reputation of the company.

It’s usually a good idea to buy high-quality furniture from companies that offer guarantees for their products.

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