The 4 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Heavy Sleepers (iOS and Android)

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Whether it’s just your nature or you’ve just purchased the most restful mattress, being a heavy sleeper makes it nearly impossible to wake up on time.

Many iOS and Android apps are there to add alarms to awaken up on time if you do not like conventional alarms.

Numerous have clever (read: cruel!) features that will make sure you wake up every morning. These are like having somebody pour cold water over you every morning.

I have included both free apps and paid apps for iOS and Android smartphones.

best alarm clock apps

Free with Ads. To remove ads, upgrade to $1.99

AMdroid includes all of the basic functions found in your phone’s alarm clock app. These include the ability to set multiple alarms and use music instead of a tone, as well as the ability to snooze or silence your phone.

However, there are some extra features for those who have trouble getting up.

The pre-alarm is one of the best. It is based on your sleeping cycles. Pre-alarms gently wake you up during your light sleep phase. This helps you get up on time and be ready for the main alarm to go off.

You can also set puzzles, Captcha, QR code, and head-scratching math problems that you need to solve to dismiss the alarm.

Other features include a siesta counting down, sleep tracking, and bedtime reminders.

best alarm clock apps

Cost: Free. Upgrade to $2.99 to get rid of ads; $0.99 to sleep for 10 minutes; $9.99 to unlock all sounds.

The alarm is very loud. It is so loud that even the most sleepy person can’t hear it. Its sound is intended to wake you from a deep sleep. There are many options, including danger, bighorn, and emergency, as well as a car alarm.

You can set numerous alarms and configure them to repeat every day or only on specific days.

best alarm clock apps

Price: $2.99, but there’s a free version.

The name should tell you something. This is one of the best alarm clock apps for heavy sleepers, with millions of downloads.

You can set numerous alarms and customize them in numerous different ways. You can decide whether to have your favorite song or a loud ringtone. If this is not enough motivation, you can set the alarm to send you a math problem to solve.

You can also set your alarm to wake you gently by raising the volume slowly.

The app allows you to set the maximum number of snoozes you want. The snooze time drops each time.

Additional features include a sleep tracker and an extra-large snooze key.

No Cost

This app has a sleek minimalist interface that’s easy to use.

You can choose one of the many alarm styles available in the app, or you can set it to play an iTunes song.

You can set the alarm to turn off when the phone is turned on and then go to sleep when the phone is turned off.

If you have a problem getting your sleep out, the shake-to-wake option is for you.

To turn off your alarm, shake the phone. There are five levels of shake intensity depending on how heavy you sleep.

Alarm clock for me.

Available both on iOS and Android

Cost – Free with some optional upgrades

This theme centers on customization. You can select from a collection of themes and put clock widgets in the home.

The app delivers multiple features to wake you up. The app has the standard alarm for sleepers. You can also set your own music to alarm.

You can also select a gentle-wake feature, where the alarm goes off at a low level and slowly increases until you feel fully awake.

You can choose to wake up like a log or solve a math problem.

Other features include nightstand mode, brightness control, background support (no requirement for the app to be open all night), a sleep timer, and bedtime reminders that turn off music or sounds while you sleep.

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