RelaxBlanket Minky Weighted Blanket Review

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Looking for a high quality and breathable weighted blanket? 

The RelaxBlanket minky is a great choice. 

It contains non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads contained in individual compartments to ensure even weight distribution. 

The RelaxBlanket minky is made from cotton with polyester fiber filling and is available in almost two dozen options, ranging from a kid-friendly 5lb blanket to a 30lb blanket for heavier sleepers. 

In this article we review the RelaxBlanket minky.

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Our Take

minky weighted blanket

If you are having trouble falling asleep, a weighted blanket like the RelaxBlanket minky can help – and this one is one of the best. 

The RelaxBlanket minky is made from 100% cotton with polyester fiber filling and glass beads inside to give it weight. The breathable cotton material ensures you sleep cozy without overheating. 

Customer reviews, so far, are mostly positive. The quality of the blanket seems to hold up well over time. The stitching is excellent quality and we’ve not seen any evidence of pellets shifting about or leaking. 

Our main complaint is that the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket doesn't come with a duvet cover. You’ll have to buy one separately. 

How Does The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket Work?

The RelaxBlanket weighted blanket works via pressure therapy, also called deep pressure stimulation

Pressure therapy encompasses things like hugs, squeezing and cuddling – anything that applies firm but gentle pressure on the body. 

It relaxes the body and mind, and creates a feeling of calm and peace. That’s why it is often used to help calm down autistic kids.   

Weighted blankets work the same way. They simulate the deep comfort that a tight hug provides. The blanket settles around you, exerting gentle pressure on your body. 

This calms you down, reduces anxiety, and can help you fall asleep faster. Most people using a weighted blanket also say they sleep more deeply through the night, and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

What Is The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket Made Of?

minky weighted blanket

The outside part of the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket is made with OEKO-TEX certified cotton. It feels soft against your skin. 

It also makes the blanket breathable, ensuring you don't get hot when you cover yourself. 

Inside, the blanket has fiber filling made from polyester. Because polyester fiber is not very breathable, RelaxBlanket says they’ve used less of it to keep the blanket cool. 

The blanket also contains non-toxic, odorless, and hypoallergenic glass beads. These are the ones that make it a weighted blanket. 

The beads are not just stuffed inside the blanket. Instead they are confined within pockets or baffles sewn on the blanket. 

This does two important things. One, it keeps the weight of the blanket evenly distributed. Two, it prevents the beads, and thus the blanket’s weight, from shifting around. 

How Heavy Is The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket?

minky weighted blanket

One of the things we love most about the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket is the wide range of options that are available. 

You can choose from almost two dozen weight options ranging from 5lbs to 30lbs. 

The light 5lb blankets are available in two sizes: 36” by 48” and 40” by 60”. They are ideal for kids older than 2 years. 

There are also 7lb, 10lb, and 12lb sizes available in several sizes. These are ideal for older kids and light adults. 

The largest blanket size available is 80” by 90”. 

So, which blanket weight should you get? 

The general recommendation is to get a weighted blanket that is 10% of your body weight. But depending on how tight of a hug you want, the ideal weight for different people varies between 5% and 12%.

If 10% of your body weight falls between two blanket weights, go with the lower weight. If you weigh 230lbs, for instance, go with the 22lb RelaxBlanket weighted blanket. 

We also recommend choosing a smaller weight if you have aches in your joints or back. Too much pressure on your body could aggravate the pain. 

As for size, pick one that is a bit bigger than your bed size to ensure it covers the entire bed. For instance, if you sleep on a full size bed, get a queen size (60” by 80”) weighted blanket. 

If you sleep with your partner, pick a size that covers just your half of the bed. Ideally, a weighted blanket should cover just one person. It’s supposed to fall around your body and cocoon you in a cozy hug. 

If your partner also wants a weighted blanket, get two small sizes, one for each person.    

That said, if both of you are roughly the same body weight, you can pick one blanket. Get the largest one available to ensure it covers both of you. 

How Well Does The RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket Work?


Your experience may be different; not everyone likes the feel of a weighted blanket. 

But most people who’ve tried the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket say it is incredibly comfortable. It has helped many insomniacs sleep better. 

The cotton exterior feels great against your body – it’s soft, not rough and scratchy. 

The beads do not shift around, as long as you pick the right size. If you get a size that’s too big for the bed, it’ll hang off the bed and pull the blanket to one side. 


minky weighted blanket

The RelaxBlanket weighted blanket is fairly breathable. It can get a tad warm during summer because of the polyester filling, but it doesn't overheat. 

If you are concerned that you’ll sleep too hot under the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket, we recommend getting a smaller weight, maybe around 5-7% of your body weight. 


A common problem with weighted blankets is that the stitching begins to get loose, causing beads to shift or even fall out of the blanket. 

So far, we haven’t seen major complaints about the quality and longevity of the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket. It seems to hold up well to repeated use. 

Issues & Complaints

The RelaxBlanket weighted blanket doesn't come with a cover. If you want to keep the blanket clean, you have to buy the cover separately. 

Another issue, and this applies to all weighted blankets, is that you’ll have a harder time turning in bed. If you love changing sleep positions, the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket will make that more difficult. 

Care and Maintenance

RelaxBlanket says their weighted blanket is machine washable on a gentle setting. But they recommend dry cleaning or spot cleaning. 

Generally, you don't want to wash the blanket too often. There’s the risk of damaging the stitching and causing beads to leak out. 

We recommend buying the separate duvet cover and inserting the blanket into it. The blanket comes ready with loops to attach to the cover. 

You’ll only need to clean the duvet cover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket safe for kids?

Weighted blankets, including RelaxBlanket, are safe for kids older than two years. Make sure you pick the right weight (about 10% of their body weight). 

A blanket that's too heavy can trap your child and cause discomfort and overheating. The lightest RelaxBlanket weighted blanket is 5lbs heavy, making it ideal for 4-5 year olds. 

What RelaxBlanket weight should I choose? 

It depends on your body weight and sensitivity to pressure. 

For most people, a weighted blanket that is 10% their body weight is ideal. If you are sensitive to pressure, go with a lower weight (try 5% or 7% of your weight). 

Can I use the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket on the couch? 

Yes, you can. A weighted blanket is not just for your bed; you can also use it on the sofa when reading, watching TV or napping.

Just note that it might be tedious to carry it around, especially if you've chosen a heavy one. A better idea is to buy two blankets – the main one for your bed and a lighter one for use on the sofa. You can even carry it when travelling. 

Is the RelaxBlanket weighted blanket difficult to clean?

No, it's not. You can throw it in your washing machine and select a gentle cycle. You can also dry clean it. 

For longevity, the best way to clean it is by spot cleaning any stains and dirty spots. Even better, buy a duvet cover for the blanket. That way, only the cover gets dirt, and that's easy to wash. 

Is a weighted blanket safe for pets?

If you co-sleep with your pets, a weighted blanket is not a good idea. A dog or cat can easily get trapped under the heavy blanket. 

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