Top 10 Products For People Who Smoke In Bed

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Do you smoke in bed – or share a bed with someone who does?

You’ve come to the right place. 

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In this bed-smoker solutions guide we discuss the most common issues encountered by people who smoke in bed, and we recommend & review our favorite top-rated products that solve those problems. 

Issues That Plague Smokers In Bed

Before getting into our top picks, let’s briefly discuss the most common problems and challenges for people who smoke in bed. You may also face some of these issues if you regularly smoke indoors, even if it’s not in bed. 

Smoke Odor

Cigarette smell is the most common problem for people who smoke in bed. 

You may not notice it the first few days you smoke in bed. But over time, a strong unpleasant odor will eventually permeate everything in the bedroom.  And because smokers often lose their sense of smell for smoke, your guests and partner could be really turned off when your mattress, bedding, furniture and walls start giving off a stale cigarette smell – that’s difficult to get rid off. 

The smell may get on your clean clothes too if the closet is near the bed. 

In a small house or apartment, the smoke odor can also travel beyond the bedroom, causing the entire home to smell. 

The best way to deal with cigarette smell is to prevent it from landing on the bed and other surfaces using an activated carbon air filter like our favorite one, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

A personal air filter like the Sploofy Pro or a deodorizer spray like the Zero Odor Pro are also effective and affordable ways to get rid of cigarette smell. 

Poor Air Quality = Poor Health

best products for people who smoke

It’s kinda obvious – smoking leads to increased indoor air pollution. But it’s not just the smell you need to worry about. 

The smoke from the cigarette carries other pollutants that are detrimental to your health. 

If you share the bed with someone, the pollution can also affect their health. 

Similar to the smell of cigarette/cigar smoke, airborne pollutants from tobacco smoke linger on surfaces long after the smoke has cleared. 

Hours after you’ve finished smoking, you’ll still be breathing in harmful contaminants. 

A HEPA air purifier is the best product for getting rid of smoke and contaminants from indoor air. Our favorite HEPA air purifier is the LEVOIT Core 300. It includes an activated carbon filter that eliminates odors. 

Increased Risk of Fire

The US Fire Administration recommends that people don't smoke in bed because of the risk of starting a fire. 

If you have to, at least know the risks and take steps to protect yourself and your family. 

Many bedding materials catch fire easily, and it’s easy for ash to fall on your bed unseen and smolder until igniting a fire. Falling asleep while smoking is another common cause of fire.

One smart solution is to buy pillows and bedding that are fire-resistant or fire retardant. The best materials to look for are polyester, nylon, acrylic, and wool. 

Mattresses sold in the US are already treated with a fire retardant.

When you are sleepy in bed, your judgment is impaired and you may not completely put the cigarette out. So make sure you have a safe bedside place to hold and dispose of burning cigarettes and cigar butts. 

A stable bedside ashtray like our favorite pick, the Ashe Stainless Steel ashtray, will help. 

Discomfort/Back Pain When Sitting Up In Bed

best products for people who smoke

If you smoke in bed often, then you probably spend a good chunk of time sitting up in bed. Doing this requires the right kind of pillows.   

Making your bed more comfortable for sitting also makes it easier to watch TV, read a book or browse on your phone while you smoke. 

Our favorite sitting pillow for smokers in bed is the Husband Pillow XXL Backrest pillow.

Note: You can smoke while lying down, but most people find it uncomfortable. It also greatly increases the risk of setting bedding on fire. 

Top 10 Products For People Who Smoke In Bed

If you suffer from any of the issues just described, then here are our top recommended products to consider to overcome them:

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Proven Solutions For People Who Smoke In Bed


best products for people who smoke

Don’t put cigarette butts or ash into the bin or a DIY ashtray like a bowl or bucket. Not only does this look messy, it’s also dangerous since it can cause a fire. 

The best place to dispose of cigarette butts and ash is in a proper ashtray. 

Ashtrays are designed to be heat resistant. They are made from glass, ceramic or metal. 

The best bedside ashtrays are lidded, keeping the messy cigarette butts out of site. They also prevent smell and smoke from escaping into the air. Our top pick ashtray for smokers is the Ashe Stainless Steel indoor/outdoor ashtray.

HEPA Air Purifier

best products for people who smoke

A good quality air purifier will tackle two problems at once: smoke odor and indoor air quality. 

But not all air purifiers can do that. When shopping for an air purifier for cigarette smoke, make sure it has a HEPA air filter and an activated carbon filter. 

A HEPA filter is the most effective type of air filter at capturing ultra-fine airborne particles, including smoke from a cigarette. 

A HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of particles measuring 0.3 microns. It’s even more efficient at filtering anything smaller or bigger than this.   

A HEPA filter, however, doesn't eliminate odors. For that, you need an activated carbon filter.  

An activated carbon filter eliminates odors as well as volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from cigarettes and cigars. 

An air purifier with both filters keeps unpleasant smells from building up and eliminates smoke and pollution from the air. 

We also recommend getting an air purifier with a pre-filter to remove larger particulates.  Our favorite HEPA air purifier for smokers right now is the LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier.

Other things to look for when buying an air purifier for cigarette smoke are: 

  • Low noise level. You’ll be using the air purifier in your bedroom, so get one that will let you or your partner sleep peacefully. On that note, also make sure any indicator lights on the air purifier can turn off. They can be annoying when you are trying to sleep.  
  • Auto mode. It’s super convenient. In auto mode, an air purifier will immediately kick into high gear when it senses smoke or smell in the air and quiet back down when the air gets clean. It saves you the trouble of constantly turning the air purifier on and off and adjusting fan speed. 

Remote control. Makes it easy to control the air purifier from the comfort of bed.

Smoke Trap/Personal Air Filter

best products for people who smoke

A smoke trap, also called a personal air filter, is like a mini air purifier designed specifically for smokers. 

Once you take a puff, you blow smoke through the smoke trap. This prevents smells and pollutants from getting released into the air. 

The best personal air filters contain both HEPA and active carbon filtration media. They eliminate smell, smoke and any harmful pollutants that can affect other people. 

Our favorite personal smoke air filter is the Sploofy PRO


best products for people who smoke

There are all sorts of deodorizing products in the market. Focus on those that eliminate smell, not just cover it up. 

The cheapest deodorizers are packs of activated charcoal. These typically work best in small spaces, but they are not as effective as an air purifier or a carbon air filter. 

We recommend them if you only occasionally smoke in bed. 

The other option is a deodorizer spray. You spray it in the air and on surfaces to eliminate odors and prevent smell build-up. 

Our favorite deodorizer spray is the Zero Odor Pro commercial strength odor eliminator

A deodorizer spray is ideal for light smokers. If you only smoke just one or two cigarettes in bed each day, a deodorizer spray will keep the smell from building up. 

For heavier smokers, an air purifier is still your best option. 

Other deodorizing products we’ve come across include odor-eliminating rocks, odor-eliminating candles (our favorite are Dianne's Custom Candles) and electric odor eliminators like our top pick, Hamilton Beach TrueAir

Try different deodorizers for your bedroom and see which one works best. 

Laundry Deodorizer

best products for people who smoke

If you smoke in bed, your bedding will inevitably smell of cigarette smoke. The smell builds up to a point where even washing the bedding with regular detergent doesn't work. 

A laundry softener can help a bit but it only adds a nice smell, it will not eliminate deep-set cigarette smells. 

We recommend getting a powerful laundry deodorizer. Our top pick is the Zero Odor laundry odor-eliminator.

 A laundry deodorizer or odor eliminator like Zero Odor eliminates strong smells of sweat, smoke, pets and so on from clothes and bedding. 

Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm

best products for people who smoke

Even if chances are low that smoking in bed will burn down the house, it’s good to be ready in case the worst happens. 

If you don't already have a smoke detector installed in your bedroom, install one immediately. Just be careful not to blow smoke towards it when smoking to avoid setting it off. 

Two top rated smoke detectors are the Kidde Smoke Detector/smoke alarm and Google Nest Protect.

Backrest Pillow

best products for people who smoke

To address the issue of being uncomfortable while sitting up in bed, we recommend getting a backrest reading pillow. 

This is a pillow that comes with a plush backrest and armrests. It provides back and arm support when you are sitting up in bed smoking, reading, or working. 

Our favorite sit-up pillow is the Husband Pillow XXL Backrest

You can also get a wedge pillow. This is more ideal for reclining in bed. 

Another option, though pricey, is an adjustable base. It allows you to recline the top part of the bed, so that you can sit up comfortably. 

Cigarette & Cigar Storage

best products for people who smoke

If you have trouble finding a good place to store your cigarettes or cigars, there are plenty of products made just for that.

For cigarettes, options range from pocket-size cases and tubes to large cases that can hold 200 or more cigarettes. 

Make sure whatever storage you choose is airtight. Our top pick is the Nescope Brushed Metal Cigarette Case.

For cigars, we recommend a humidor. This is a box that maintains the right level of humidity, to keep cigars fresh. Our favorite humidor right now is the Case Elegance Cedar humidor.  

Top 10 Products For People Who Smoke In Bed: PRODUCT REVIEWS

Unlike traditional ash trays, the Ashe stainless steel ashtray comes with a lid, so cigarette butts are hidden out of sight. 

The tight lid also traps smoke and smell inside the ashtray. 



Our Review

The Ashe stainless steel ashtray doesn't even look like an ashtray. It looks very different from a traditional ashtray, making it perfect for smokers looking for something discreet for their bedside. 

The polished stainless steel finish and the fancy lid makes the ashtray look more like a decorative piece. 

The ashtray is made from stainless steel. This has several advantages. 

  • It’s more durable compared to glass and ceramic ashtrays. 
  • It is corrosion resistant – you can use it outside without worrying about rust. 
  • It is heat resistant, making it safe for storing cigarette butts. 

The Ashe ashtray is surprisingly heavy. This is to make sure it doesn't get tipped over easily.

The lid on the ashtray not only hides messy cigarette butts from view, it also keeps smell and smoke inside. This reduces cigarette odor in the bedroom. 

Around the lip of the ashtray are three cutouts that fit different cigarette sizes. These act as cigarette holders, giving you a safe place to place your cigarette while smoking. 

Inside the ashtray there’s a raised post in the middle that holds the other end of the cigarette. You can also use this post to extinguish your cigarette.  

The Ashe ashtray is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The wide and bottom-heavy design keeps it upright in the wind and the lid keeps rain from seeping in. 

The ashtray is large enough to hold about two packs worth of cigarette butts. It’s easy to empty the ashtray and you can rinse it with warm water or put it in the dishwasher. 

Issues & Limitations

It doesn't seem like it because of its small size, but the Ashe ashtray is hefty. It weighs 1.01lbs. 

If you are looking for an ashtray you can carry with you when traveling, we don't recommend this one. Try a portable pocket ashtray instead like this keychain pocket ashtray from Smartdealspro. 


Best Air Purifier For Smoke

The Levoit Core 300 air purifier has three filters that, together, eliminate smoke, smell and other pollutants from indoor air.  

Its 360-degree air intake and powerful VortexAir Technology allow the Levoit air purifier to cleanse the bedroom air in a matter of minutes.   



Our Review

The Levoit air purifier passes air through three stages of filtration. 

  • Pre-filter – traps large particles like dust, pet hair and lint. 
  • True HEPA filter – traps ultra-fine particulates including cigarette smoke. 
  • Activated carbon filter – eliminates cigarette/cigar smell as well as volatile organic chemicals from the cigarette.  

So the Levoit air purifier not only keeps your bedroom smelling fresh, it also maintains indoor air quality. 

The three filters last 6-8 months. There's a filter indicator light that comes on to remind you to replace the filters. 

Tip: For heavy smokers, Levoit has a replacement filter specifically for smoke. The 4-stage Core 300-RF-WS filter is designed to tackle wildfire smoke and any other heavy smoke. 

To clean indoor air quickly, the Levoit air purifier relies on 360-degree air intake and VortexAir Technology. 

At the highest fan speed, it can clean air in a 547 square foot room in just 30 minutes. 

The Levoit air purifier is perfect for use in the bedroom, thanks to the dedicated sleep mode. Turn it on and the fan quiets to a virtually silent 24 decibels. 

The purifier continues working without disturbing your sleep. 

There’s also a button that turns off the display, so there won’t be any annoying lights to keep you awake

The Levoit air purifier comes with an auto-off timer that you can set for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.

Issues & Limitations

The only feature lacking in the Levoit air purifier is auto mode. You have to manually turn up fan speed when smoking, and reduce it or turn on sleep mode before you sleep. 

If you want an air purifier with auto mode, we recommend the Coway Airmega AP-1512HH. It responds automatically to contaminants or odor in the air and even has an air quality indicator.  


Best Personal Smoke Capture Device

The Sploofy PRO stops cigarette smell and smoke from getting into the air in the first place. 

It eliminates the need for an air purifier and ensures your partner doesn't experience any smell or secondhand smoke. 



Our Review

There are dozens of personal smoke filters in the market including classic brands like Smoke Buddy. 

We’ve compared all the popular personal smoke filters and we think the Sploofy Pro is the best of the bunch. 

Sploofy Pro uses a 3-stage filter cartridge to instantly filter the smoke you blow into it. 

The cartridge includes a HEPA filter to capture smoke particles, as well as an activated carbon filter to capture smell and VOCs. 

The air that comes out on the other end is both smoke and smell free. 

Unlike Smoke Buddy, the SPloofy Pro’s filter cartridge is replaceable. You don't have to chuck the entire thing after it’s clogged. 

The cartridge lasts between 300 and 500 exhales. Once it gets hard to blow air through or you notice smoke coming out on the other end, it’s time to get a new filter. 

We recommend this set of three Sploofy Pro replacement cartridges. 

The Sploofy Pro has a rubberized exterior, including the mouthpiece. This makes it more comfortable against your lips. 

It’s also designed to make it effortless to blow air through. 

By the way, you can get the Sploofy Pro in three colors: black, red and aqua. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Sploofy Pro has a nice sleek design. It’s something you wouldn’t mind using when you are among other people. 

Tip: While the Sploofy Pro is our top pick, the Smoke Trap 2.0 is a close runner up. It costs about the same, has a soft rubber mouthpiece, HEPA and activated carbon filters, and a replaceable cartridge. 

Downsides of the Smoke Trap 2.0 are that filter life is not as long as the Sploofy Pro, and many users say it gets hard to blow through the filter after just a few uses.  

Issues & Limitations

The main complaint from users regarding the Sploofy Pro is that the mouthpiece doesn't form an airtight seal with your mouth. 

Many people found it a bit too wide, resulting in a tiny bit of smoke escaping from the sides. 

Another issue is moisture. 

Sploofy Pro has much better airflow than other smoke capture devices and doesn't clog quickly. But if you smoke heavily, moisture in your breath will quickly affect the filter. 

We recommend buying several cartridges and changing between them to allow each cartridge time to dry. 

But for average smokers, the moisture issue is not a big deal. Just remember to place the filter upside down when you are done to allow it to air out. 


Best Room Odor Eliminator

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to an air purifier, we recommend the Hamilton Beach TrueAir room odor eliminator. 

It’s a room odor filter containing three activated carbon filters. 



Our Review

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir is essentially an electric deodorizer. 

It’s a box with vents on the sides. A small fan inside pulls air through these vents. The air passes through activated carbon filters that capture any smells in the air. 

Despite its compact size (3.74 x 7.3 x 7.96 in), the TrueAir odor eliminator is surprisingly effective at its job. 

Like an air purifier, it will not eliminate all the smell while you are smoking. But it does keep the smell from spreading into other rooms. 

And once you finish smoking, it eliminates any lingering odors in minutes. 

Set the fan speed dial on high to quickly freshen up the room. The rest of the time, you can keep the dial on low to continually keep the room smelling nice.  

The TrueAir odor eliminator also comes with a scent cartridge that adds a nice fragrance to the room. But not everyone likes the fragrance. 

If you don't like how it smells, you don't have to use it; the filter will still work fine without the cartridge. 

The three carbon filters last about three months or 90 days. There’s an indicator to remind you to replace the filters. 

When getting replacement filters, make sure you buy the ones specifically designed to eliminate tobacco and smoke odors (04231GW model number).      

Issues & Limitations

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir is not an air purifier. It doesn't have a HEPA filter. 

While it reduces the amount of smoke in the air, it doesn't completely eliminate it. It also doesn't capture all fine contaminants from the cigarette. 

Its job is only to eliminate smell. If you want to completely clean the air, get an air purifier.  

The other limitation is room size. The Hamilton Beach TrueAir is most effective in a room not bigger than 100 sq. ft. 

If your bedroom is larger than this, we recommend buying two or more units. 

Looking for an even cheaper way to eliminate cigarette smell from your bedroom? A deodorizer spray is the next cheapest option. 

Our favorite one is the Zero Odor Pro commercial strength deodorizer. 



Our Review

The Zero Odor Pro is not an air freshener. It doesn't work by adding a nice fragrance to the room to cover up the cigarette smell. 

As you may already know, that doesn't work. Fragrant candles, essential oils, and air fresheners work only temporarily and can sometimes result in a worse smell when they combine with the cigarette odor. 

Zero Odor Pro is a commercial strength odor eliminator. 

It works by attacking and neutralizing the chemical odor molecules that cause the bad smell. 

It works almost instantly. After you finish smoking, spray it in the air, on the bed, and on other surfaces to quickly eliminate the tobacco odor. 

The Zero Odor Pro deodorizer spray is non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable. It is safe for humans and pets. 

It’s also great for those who are sensitive to scents. It does have a slight scent immediately when you spray it, but it goes away quickly. 

But the deodorizer itself sticks around to eliminate all odors and prevent more odors from building up (e.g. from the cigarette butts and ashes). 

The Zero Odor Pro spray comes in a 32-ounce bottle.

Issues & Limitations

One thing several users have noticed is that the Zero Odor Pro has trouble getting rid of old and deep set smells from surfaces like furniture, upholstery and mattresses. 

If you want to get rid of an old cigarette smell from the bedroom, we recommend first deep cleaning whatever can be cleaned including bedding and furniture. 

Also air out the mattress. 

After that, spray the deodorizer several times until the smell disappears. 

Remember this is just a deodorizer. It will not eliminate smoke or any of the contaminants in the smoke. It only tackles smell. 

Yes, you can use candles to deodorize a room. These Dianne’s Custom Candles contain soy wax that neutralizes bad odors including the smell of cigarettes. 



Our Review

Ordinary candles only mask smells, which is the opposite of what you need.

Odor-eliminating candles eliminate odors while adding a nice fragrance to the room. Most odor-eliminating candles contain paraffin or soy wax to neutralize smells. 

Dianne's Custom Candles contain soy wax, which is safer and burns cleaner (no smoke) than paraffin wax

The candles are available in more than a dozen fragrances including lilac, mango, pumpkin spice, lavender and so on. 

You may have to try a few scents before you find the one you like most. 

Each 12-ounce candle works best in a single room. Leave it burning when smoking and afterwards to neutralize the tobacco smell (but don't leave the candle on when you sleep). 

The average burn time for each candle is 80 hours. Remember to keep the wick trimmed to slow down burn rate. 

Issues & Limitations

Many users say the fragrance in Dianne's Custom Candles is not very strong. It covers only a small room. 

For bigger rooms or if you want to deodorize and scent up your entire home, you’ll need multiple candles. 

Something else to keep in mind is that these candles, like any deodorizer, only deal with the smell. Smoke and contaminants from the cigarette will still stick around in the air and on surfaces. 


Best Laundry Deodorizer

If you notice that your bedding and clothes have a cigarette smell, a laundry deodorizer is the best solution. 

We recommend the Zero Odor laundry odor eliminator. 



Our Review

Normal laundry detergent doesn't really work for smelly laundry, whether the smell is cigarette, mildew, or pet odor. 

Vinegar or baking soda also usually doesn't do the trick for strong smells. 

What you need is the Zero Odor laundry deodorizer. Similar to their room odor eliminator, the laundry deodorizer works by neutralizing smell molecules. 

This permanently eliminates smells from laundry. 

If you smoke in bed often, your bedding and clothes in the closet will inevitably get a cigarette smoke odor. 

Add two ounces (four ounces for extra-smelly laundry) to a load of laundry. Add the deodorizer the same place and at the same time you add laundry detergent/ 

The Zero Odor laundry odor eliminator is safe for all washing machines. It’s also safe for your skin; it doesn't trigger any sensitivities or allergies.   

Issues & Limitations

The Zero Odor laundry odor eliminator is expensive compared to other laundry deodorizers.

We recommend getting an air purifier, smoke filter or deodorizer to reduce how often you have to use the laundry deodorizer. 

If you want a cheaper option, try the Febreze odor eliminator. That said, the Zero Odor deodorizer is pricey for a reason – it’s more powerful and works on even the worst of smells. 


Best Sit Up Pillow For Bed

The Husband Pillow XXL backrest makes it more comfortable to sit up in bed while smoking. You can read a book, browse the internet or watch TV without hurting your back. 



Our Review

The Husband Pillow is so much more comfortable than leaning against the bare headboard or your regular pillow. 

It’s called the Husband Pillow because it’s designed to accommodate the larger frame of most male bodies. 

The extra-tall and extra-wide design makes it comfortable for everyone, and especially taller and larger people.     

The Husband Pillow looks like a plush chair, complete with a headrest for neck/head support and armrests. 

That, combined with the shredded memory foam filling makes it super comfortable. You can smoke, read a book or watch TV for hours without getting tired. 

You can adjust the pillow’s loft to make it more comfortable for you. Just open the zipper and remove or add filling. 

The cover on the pillow is removable and washable, making it easy to keep the pillow clean. 

By the way, you can order just the cover in different colors to change the style and look of the pillow. 

Issues & Limitations

The Husband Pillow XXL is big and heavy. 

It takes up a lot of room on the bed, which can be an issue if you share a small bed with your partner. 

It’s also tedious to take it on and off the bed. It weighs 9.1lbs. 


Best Cigarette Storage Case

If you are looking for a neat, safe and stylish way to store your cigarettes, we recommend the Nescope brushed metal cigarette case. 

The sleek metal case holds twenty cigarettes and has an easy to use magnetic clasp. 



Our Review

The Nescope brushed metal case is a stylish and safe place to keep your cigarettes instead of leaving them lying around where they can be crushed or damaged by moisture. 

The case is made from aluminum, making it lightweight and corrosion resistant

It’s pocket sized, but easily fits a pack of cigarettes. You don't even have to remove cigarettes from the original pack; just put the entire pack inside the case. 

The lid closes using a magnetic clasp that you can open and close with just one hand.

The small size of the case makes it perfect for use anywhere. You can put it in your bedside drawer, store it in your vehicle’s glove box, or carry it in your pocket when out and about. 

Note that you get two cases, which makes this a really good bargain. 

Issues & Limitations

The main complaint from users is that the magnets that lock the lid come off easily after some time. 

But you can easily glue them back into place. 

Tip: If this is not what you were looking for, check out the MAYAKA Wooden cigarette case (16 cigarettes), the Groupcow stainless steel cigarette can (40-50 cigarettes), or the supersized BullCharged plastic case (200 cigarettes).

For cigar storage, we recommend a humidor to ensure they remain in the best condition. 

The Case Elegance cedar humidor holds 25-50 cigars and comes with a digital hygrometer, humidifier gel, and an accessory drawer. 



Our Review

Cigars are finicky about where they are stored. Too much or too little humidity will damage them and alter the flavor. 

A humidor is the best place to store cigars. 

The Case Elegance humidor is one of the most elegant ones we’ve come across. It’ll look perfect on your bedside. 

It’s made from cedar with a walnut finish and a glass top so you can enjoy a view of your cigars. 

The Case Elegance humidor fits 25-50 cigars depending on the brand and size. 

A digital hygrometer displays the current humidity inside, making it easy to maintain the right level of moisture. 

The Case Elegance humidor comes with all the accessories you need for proper cigar storage. These include a hydro tray, humidor solution, humidifier gel, hydro sticks, and a wood tray for the cigars.     

The Case Elegance humidor also comes with a pull out drawer at the bottom where you can store extra accessories like a cigar cutter and lighter. 

The glass top lid locks tightly onto the box using magnets. It creates a tight seal that helps maintain consistent internal humidity. 

Issues & Limitations

The only issue with the Case Elegance humidor is the price. 

If you are shopping for a budget humidor, there are lots of cheaper options. But they don't come with all the features and accessories you get with the Case Elegance humidor. 

If you want something cheaper, we recommend the Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor. It holds 25-50 cigars and has an analog hygrometer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking In Bed

Is smoking in bed safe?

Smoking in bed is safe as long as you take the right precautions. 

Be careful how you dispose of cigarette butts and ashes, and don't smoke in bed if you are sleepy (you might drop the cigarette on the bed). And of course, make sure you have a smoke detector installed and functional. 

What’s the best way to eliminate smell when smoking indoors?

Get a personal smoke filter, also called a smoke capture device. You blow smoke into it instead of blowing it in the air. It filters the smoke instantly, producing clean air on the other end. 

Another option is an activated carbon air filter in your HVAC system, a room deodorizer, or a properly-sized single room air purifier. 

How can I protect my partner from cigarette smoke?

If you want to eliminate cigarette smoke as well as the smell, a personal smoke air purifier is the best option. You can also get a whole-room air purifier.  Just make sure you buy one with an activated carbon filter.

How do I get rid of cigarette smell from a room?

The quickest and simplest way is to spray an odor eliminating deodorizer in the air and on surfaces. It’ll neutralize odor molecules and get rid of the smell.   Also thoroughly wash your bed linens in a deodorizing detergent.

How do I get rid of cigarette smell from bedding and clothes?

Add laundry deodorizer to detergent when doing laundry.  

Can an essential oil diffuser get rid of cigarette smell?

Essential oils are great for adding a nice scent to the air, but they are not as effective as deodorizers at eliminating bad smells. 

An essential oil diffuser will likely mask the cigarette smell, not eliminate it. 

Do candles eliminate cigarette smell?

Yes, candles can eliminate cigarette smell temporarily. But you need the right kind of candle. 

Look for odor-eliminating candles made with soy wax. They are the best and safest for clearing bad smells. 

What’s the best way to dispose of cigarette butts?

An ashtray is the safest way to dispose of cigarette butts and ashes. Using an ashtray reduces the risk of a fire. 

A closed ashtray can also prevent the cigarette butts from stinking up the room. 

How long does cigarette smell last in a room?

After you’ve finished smoking, the smell of tobacco can linger for up to 8 hours. If you smoke in a room daily, it’ll eventually smell of cigarettes all the time. You may not notice it, but other people will. 

The best way to clear cigarette smell from a room is using an air purifier, an air filter, or a deodorizer. 

How do you get rid of cigarette smell without an air purifier or filter?

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Leave it in containers around the room and it’ll absorb odors. You can mix it with a few drops of essential oil to help freshen up the space. 

But baking soda is not as effective as an air purifier or a store-bought deodorizer. Unless you only smoke occasionally in bed, we don't recommend using it. 

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