Leggett And Platt Split King S-Cape Performance Adjustable Bed Review

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Having a massage before bed has become a necessity for people who suffer from sleep disturbances as well as those with a proper circadian rhythm.

This popular adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt comes equipped with wall-hugging technology and offers dual massages with options for individual positions.

With two wireless remote controls, the NEW 2015 SPLIT KING S-CAPE PERFORMANCE MODEL ADJUSTABLE BED features a magical way to get into sleep.

Apart from being a brand new version of the well-known furniture maker, Leggett & Platt’s Performance Collection Cape is ranked number 38 on Amazon's Best Sellers List for Home & Kitchen.

Features of Split King S-cape Performance Model Adjustable Bed By Leggett And Platt

leggett & platt s cape

This new adjustable mattress from Leggett & Platt, not only provides a good night's rest, but also the endless enjoyment of lying down at any time.

1. Solid Base

This all-new adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt has been rated as one of the strongest beds because of its Twin Bases.

A high-end, durable, and comfortable adjustable bed frame is one of the best qualities of this new adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt. A well-made bed that is both firm and adjustable supports the body and aids in relaxation. It helps one to fall asleep easier.

2. Two Wireless Remotes

It is both convenient and useful to eliminate the risk of loss or damage when using two wireless remotes to adjust the position of the bed.

You just have to raise your feet or your hands and then decide which position is most comfortable for you to sleep in. Customizing the basic positioning is always feasible, so make sure it fits your needs.

3. Under the Bed Lighting

A useful and innovative feature of the Legget & Platt bed is its underbed LED lighting system. Many clients have reported that they were able to confirm their orders more quicker because of this feature.

For seniors, this is an added benefit because they don't have to worry about spring cleaning with this feature.

4. Quiet Motor Performance

One of the best features of the Leggett & Platt adjustable beds is that when a customer changes position or any function involving motors, there is absolutely zero noise. It allows partners to adjust their beds independently, without disturbing each other's sleep.

5. Massage

The most notable feature of this famous adjustable mattress is its dual massage function, which allows for simultaneous massages from both sides.

The massage provided by the bed is not just random rumblings but is professional and thus also therapeutic. This chiropractic massage helps relieve muscle strains and relax tense muscle tissue to improve sleep.

Benefits of Split King S-cape Performance Model Adjustable Bed By Leggett And Platt

leggett & platt s cape

1. Warranty

A 25-year guarantee that includes full replacement and refund.

2. Relief from diseases

The super-effective dual massage therapy, provided by the two remotes, is useful for treating sleeping disorders.

3. Sleep

A peaceful sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

4. LED Lighting

Under the bed LED lighting makes regular cleanings easier than ever before. Unlike other under-the-bed areas that feel like black holes, an under-the-bed light provides a bright spot for easy cleanings.

5. Delivery

Maximum customers were satisfied with the product as they were delivered on or before its scheduled delivery date.

6. Set up and Installation

Most users claimed that setup and installation were extremely simple.

7. Customer Service

24/7 available support from qualified experts who can understand, help and resolve any issues experienced by customers.

8. Individual Wireless Remote Syncing

The twin XL bed and two wireless remote controls help two people sleep peacefully without disturbing each other at any time.

9. Motor Sound

Another unique feature of Leggett & Platt adjustable beds is that they don't produce any noise when moving the frame into different positions.

10. Solid Base

A firm and solid foundation that can be moved from Zero Gravity to favored sleeping positions ensures chiropractic health and sound sleep without fail.

Pros and Cons of Split King S-cape Performance Model Adjustable Bed By Leggett And Platt




After careful consideration, we've decided that the SPLIT KING S‑Cape PERFORMANCE MODEL ADJUSTABLE BED from Leggett & Platt offers incredible benefits for both sleepers with and without back pain

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