ChiliSleep Dock Pro Bed Cooling System Review: The Big Chill

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Do you get really hot at night? 

Do you live in a place that gets sweltering hot summer nights?

Then you need the new ChiliSleep Dock Pro bed cooling system. It is one of the most capable bed cooling systems in the market right now. 

The Dock Pro has almost twice the cooling power of the ChiliSleep Ooler, which means it cools your bed faster and can make it as cold as you want. 

ChiliSleep has also finally introduced a WiFi-connected bed cooling system. The Dock Pro comes with smart app control. You can adjust temperature and set custom sleep schedules from anywhere. 

The Dock Pro is also quieter than Ooler and fits neatly under most beds. 

Like most advanced bed cooling and heating systems, the Dock Pro is not cheap. If you are looking for a budget way to sleep cool, consider a cooling mattress pad or topper instead. 

But if overheating is ruining your sleep, then the Dock Pro is worth it. Read on for our full ChiliSleep Dock Pro review. 

Pros and Cons



The Dock Pro Is Best For:

Chilisleep dockpro review
  • Extra-hot sleepers. If you’ve tried other bed cooling solutions without success, give the Dock Pro a try. 
  • People who experience hot flashes. The Dock Pro cools you much quicker and more effectively than other water cooled systems.   
  • People who sweat easily when they get hot in bed. While the Dock Pro is not as good as BedJet at drying sweat from your skin, it'll keep you from sweating in the first place.  
  • Hot summer nights. It'll be cheaper using the Dock Pro compared to running the AC at full blast.
  • Couples with different sleep preferences. Get the dual zone Dock Pro and each partner can adjust their half of the bed to their most comfortable temperature. 
  • Anyone looking to upgrade from the ChiliSleep Cube or Ooler. The Dock Pro is smarter, quieter, and more powerful than either of them.   

Do Not Buy The Dock Pro If:

  • You are a serious night sweater. BedJet, with its forced air system, is better at keeping you dry. 
  • You are shopping for a budget bed cooling solution. Cheaper alternatives include a bed fan or a cooling mattress topper. 

How ChiliSleep Dock Pro Cools And Warms The Bed

Chilisleep dockpro review

The ChiliSleep Dock Pro uses water to cool and warm your bed. It works the same way as the ChiliSleep Ooler and Cube systems, as well as the Eight Sleep cooling cover. 

This is unlike BedJet, which uses air to keep you comfortable. 

The Dock Pro has two main components: the control unit and the mattress pad that goes on top of your mattress. 

Dock Pro is actually the name of the control unit. It’s a small unit measuring 15”D x 12”W x 6.25”H that sits under or next to your bed. 

It has a removable reservoir that holds water. It also contains a fan that helps cool the water, a heating element to warm the water, and a pump to circulate the cooled or heated water through the mattress pad. 

Note that the Dock Pro doesn't cool the same way an AC or your kitchen refrigerator does. It doesn't have a refrigerant.

Instead, it relies on ambient temperature to cool the water. 

A hose carries the water to the ChiliPad Pro mattress pad where it’s circulated through a membrane (not tubes, like in the Ooler and Cube systems). 

As the cold water circulates through the mattress pad, it takes away excess body heat. The now warm water goes back to the Dock Pro control unit for cooling. 

You can adjust temperature between 55F and 115F using touch buttons on the control unit or the sleepme app.

Cooling Performance

As we mentioned earlier, the ChiliSleep Dock Pro is currently one of the most powerful bed cooling systems in the market. 

Several users say it makes them too cold if they set the temperature too low. 

There are two upgrades ChiliSleep has made to boost cooling performance. 

1. Control Unit With 2X Cooling Power

The ChiliSleep Ooler has cooling power of 52W. The new Dock Pro has cooling power of 95W, almost double. 

The temperature range is the same 55F to 115F. However, the Dock Pro can get much colder than Ooler. The added power means its cooling performance is less affected by ambient temperature and humidity. 

With the Ooler and Cube systems, high ambient temperatures and too much humidity greatly reduces how cold they can get. 

The other thing the added power does is reduce cooling time. The Dock Pro can achieve the set temperature quicker than other cooling systems. 

You don't have to wait long to feel the chill. 

2. Tubeless ChiliPad Pro Mattress Pad

The Dock pro comes with the new ChiliPad Pro. The new mattress pad is more comfortable and easier to fit onto your mattress. 

It also comes with another change that increases cooling performance – it has no tubes. 

So where does the water flow through?

Instead of tubes, the ChiliPad Pro contains a hydro membrane consisting of tiny grids. This increases the cooling surface area of the pad by 5 times. 

It’s part of the reason the Dock Pro feels much cooler than other systems and why it’s able to cool you faster.    

The tubeless design comes with another advantage; you don't have to worry about feeling the tubes under you. The mattress pad feels soft. 

sleepme App

Chilisleep dockpro review

Because the ChiliSleep Dock Pro comes with WiFi connectivity, you can control cooling and heating via an app. 

The sleepme app is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Here’s what the app offers. 

  • Adjust bed temperature wherever you are. 
  • Set custom sleep schedules with different temperatures at various times of the night. 
  • Turn on the silent warm awake alarm feature that wakes you up in the morning by gradually turning up the temperature. 
  • Access to customized programs and recommendations to help you sleep better. 

Currently, the app has some bugs that cause it to constantly disconnect from the network. Hopefully, ChiliSleep will sort out the issues soon. 

In the meantime, reach out to customer support if you encounter any problems. Remember you can also use the touch controls on the Dock Pro to adjust temperature. 

Note: To use the app, you’ll need a 2.4 GHz home WiFi network. 

Another thing to note is that, as of now, the Dock Pro doesn't work with any smart home systems like Alexa or Google Assistant. But it’s a feature ChiliSleep might add in the future. 

Dual and Single Zone Options

When ordering the ChiliSleep Dock Pro, you can get the ME or WE option. 

The ME option is for a single sleeper and it’s available in half Queen, half King, and half Cal King sizes. It comes with one control unit plus a mattress pad. 

The WE option has two zones for couples. You can get it in Queen, King, and Cal King sizes and it comes with two control units, one for each side of the bed. 

Tip: You can use a single phone or tablet to control both sides of the bed. The sleepme app lets you add multiple Dock Pro units and adjust each individually. 

Noise Level

The ChiliSleep Dock Pro is almost silent. You’ll probably not hear it working under the bed. 

ChiliSleep has managed to bring down the noise level to between 41 and 46 decibels. That’s really quiet. 

If noises make it harder for you to sleep, the Dock Pro won’t be a problem.  

Installation & Set Up

Chilisleep dockpro review

Setting up the Dock Pro is easy. 

The first step is to place the ChiliPad Pro on your mattress. You can place it directly on the mattress or on a mattress protector. 

You can also put it under a mattress protector but that will limit its effectiveness. The mattress pad is machine washable, so don't worry about it getting dirty. 

But we recommend placing a fitted sheet over it. 

Instead of corner straps like the ChiliPad that comes with the Ooler and Cube systems, the ChiliPad Pro has an elastic skirt all round that secures under the mattress. 

It's much better than straps at keeping the pad snug and secure. The skirt can fit any mattress that's 8 to 18 inches thick. 

Tip: You can set up hose connections on the mattress pad at the bottom or head of the bed depending on where you'll place the control unit. 

Next, set up the control unit. You can put it under the bed, next to the bed, or on the nightstand. 

Check the manual for instructions on how to clean the system, fill the reservoir and power up the unit.  

Connect the control unit to the mattress pad using the included hoses and you are ready to sleep cool.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The ChiliSleep Dock Pro bed cooling system is easy to maintain. 

The reservoir is removable, so it’s easy to clean. You can also remove the air filter in the control unit for cleaning. 

The mattress pad is machine washable and you can tumble dry it on low heat. 

As for the remaining internal components, just use the ChiliSleep system cleaner every 1-3 months to flush the cooling system.

Overall Impression

Chilisleep dockpro review

We are impressed by the Dock Pro bed cooling system. We already think the ChiliSleep Ooler is a great bed cooling system. The Dock Pro is better. 

If you sleep really hot, this is the cooling system for you. It gets your bed comfortably cool in no time, and does so quietly. 

We also like that ChiliSleep has improved the mattress pad. It takes away heat faster and more efficiently, and you don't feel any tubes. 

The WiFi connection issues are frustrating but they likely will be resolved with future software updates. At least you can still control temperature using touch buttons when the app is misbehaving. 

Returns & Warranty

ChiliSleep offers a 30-night sleep trial for the Dock Pro plus a 3-year warranty. 

Shipping is free and returns are also free. 

Where To Buy The ChiliSleep Dock Pro

The best place to order the ChiliSleep Dock Pro is from Amazon and from the official website. 

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